Financial Services

A listing of some of our banking and financial services clients including hedge funds, commercial and community banks as well as private equity firms. 


A listing our non-profit clients that cover everything from social chage to educational reform.


A listing of our educational organizational clients from charter schools to educational reform institutions.

Community Environmental Center

Addressing the housing and energy efficiency needs of low- and middle-income communities.

CEC LogoFounded in 1994 by Richard M. Cherry, CEC has grown into the largest not-for-profit energy-conservation organization in New York State and holds the state’s largest contract for weatherization assistance services.

Through weatherization CEC has helped over 300,000 people save more than $270 million in utility costs and prevented the emission of over 750,000 tons of carbon dioxide.

Today CEC is a leader in the burgeoning energy-efficiency field. The company is a major provider of consulting and technical services for green buildings. CEC has expanded its programs to include green jobs training for the new green economy, the salvaging and reuse of building materials, and educating young people about their role in the future of the planet.

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