Our Tenth Arkyversary

September 1st, 2020 marks our ten year company anniversary. Or as we like to call it, our Tenth Arkyversary. What’s happened in the past decade? Let’s take a look.

Arkus has proven over and over throughout the last ten years
they are a top partner our customers can trust.

— Dave Averill, Vice President, Global Alliances at Salesforce.org



In the past decade, we’ve grown from three original co-founders, the Arkus rock, and an intern, to a team of nearly 40 including admin project managers and developers. We’ve got a new mascot, Aria Arkus the superhero, to round out the group. 

They are a true partner and we couldn't do it without them.

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Has it been a decade already? So much has happened! We’ve enabled nonprofit clients from major foundations to community pet shelters with the tech tools that have made it possible to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars, go paperless, and save hours of work per week with new automation. We’re grateful to have been able to put our skills to use helping our clients succeed with more than 1,300 completed projects since 2010. Now we’re looking forward to the next 10 years.  

Why the name Arkus? Arkus was derived from the “Arcus” cloud which is a horizontal shelf cloud that is normally on the leading edge of a storm.  It is typically known as a cloud that indicates a change in weather which is very symbolic of what we do.  Our goal is to educate organizations on what a shift to cloud computing means and how to properly adapt to it. Read more fun facts about Arkus in this post from our archives.



  •    Sales Cloud   100,000+ Project Hours
  •    Service Cloud   860+ Blog Posts
  •    Marketing Cloud   310+ Podcast Episodes
  •    Commerce Cloud   8 Cloud Proficiencies
  •    Community Cloud   10 Partner Specializations
  •    Financial Cloud   490+ Clients

Our partnership with Arkus is grounded in our shared values
of customer success, innovation, and growth

Michael Perez,  Area Vice President, Nonprofits, North America, at Salesforce.org

Honoring client success

Our success is our client success, and we're honored to have clients who have been with us for many years. Amanda Blue tells her story of working with Arkus since 2013:

 “I started my career as a Salesforce Administrator at a small not-for-profit company with zero Salesforce experience. At the time, our Salesforce Account Exec recommended Arkus to do the implementation. They were amazing. Not only did they complete the Salesforce implementation and help train users, but they trained me on how to support everything moving forward. 

When I moved to Nelnet, I knew I needed their help, so I brought them along with me. They approach every project with enthusiasm and energy. Every person I have worked with at Arkus has demonstrated a superior knowledge of the platform on top of having excellent project management and communication skills."

They are not only a business partner and consultant, they are an irreplaceable part of my team.

— Amanda Blue, Nelnet

Nonprofit organizations

Great partner for any type of implementation on Salesforce!

Our Salesforce partnership

Our success wouldn't be possible without our partnership with Salesforce. We're Gold Partners with Salesforce and Premium Partners with Salesforce.org. We're also recognized as Salesforce Masters and Specialists in several areas. Michael Perez, Area Vice President, Nonprofits, North America, at Salesforce.org shared his thoughts on our decade of work together:

"Congratulations to the Arkus team on your 10 year anniversary. Our partnership with Arkus is grounded in our shared values of customer success, innovation, and growth. The investments Arkus made in its people and processes contributed directly to our customers' success and the deepening of our partnership. I am grateful for the strong collaboration between our teams and looking forward to the next 10 years." 

I am grateful for the strong collaboration between our teams and looking forward to the next ten years.

—  Michael Perez, Salesforce.org

Fantastic team with great execution!

Our Trailblazer Community

We're especially proud of our team of Arky project managers who have made reaching this milestone possible and all their hard work. Arkies are Salesforce MVPs, community group members, Dreamforce contest award winners, Trailhead Rangers, and Flownatics. Shirlene Chow, Senior Director of Trailhead Placement, shares about our work in the ecosystem:

"Arkus has been an integral part of early career Salesforce talent initiatives for the past few years. From judging case competitions, recruiting at Dreamforce and TrailheaDX Career Fairs, and career advising VTO to fundraising for workforce development organizations like PepUpTech, and hiring students and graduates from our programs, Arkus have been fantastic partners in the growing early career talent in the Salesforce Ecosystem. "

We would unhesitatingly recommend Arkus.


What else? We're also rocking a refresh of our logo (check it out below) and there's more to come. Read more on the Arkus Blog.

arkusnew logo.png

We look forward to connecting with you in the cloud in the next decade.