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Who We Are

Arkus is a Salesforce consulting partner based in New York City, with half of our team based here and half of our team remotely working across the country. Unlike other consulting firms, we place a large value on our client's success, from quickstarts with a few users to our larger, enterprise customers that have thousands of users.

We don’t believe in staffing large teams or swapping resources, and we act as an extension of our client’s staff starting in the sales cycle, providing realistic expectations, advice, and occasionally being honest about our model not being the best fit for their organization to achieve success.

Our clients range from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies, and small nonprofits to large, multinational organizations seeking to improve how they serve their constituents. Many of our clients start the journey with Arkus and Salesforce as part of a quickstart, involving configuration, data migration, and AppExchange products. We guide them through a process of crawling before walking, and we work with them in later phases to customize their application with integrations and custom development. Our ultimate concern is providing the best end-product, and we do so through a trusted methodology.

What We Practice

Our project managers are involved early in the process, acting in a technical sales capacity, and define the scope for our proposals. Project managers are responsible for setting expectations around estimated hours to achieve success for the client, and we never scope to a budget, we trust our team’s assessment, and work with clients to reduce scope if our proposals are not aligned with their budgetary expectations.

Projects are lean and iterative, where projects are staffed accordingly to work on satisfying requirements. Our clients can expect to see changes to their Salesforce as early as a week from project kickoff. For custom development, we use user stories that explain the user experience and technical considerations before starting work. We prefer simple solutions to complex ones and will help our clients breakdown existing complexities from legacy systems or existing processes built in Salesforce.

Our goal is to make our clients successful and empower them to own their Salesforce instance. We achieve this by educating their team about the platform, discussing why and how we built our solutions, and placing them on a path for success with their implementation. We love having our clients stay with us for a next phase, but don’t lose sleep if they decide to build for themselves. All of this roots from our love for the Salesforce platforms and its nuances.

What is it Like Working at Arkus?

Ever wondered what it is like to work for Arkus? Find out from someone who does. James Bujold, Arkus Engagement Manager, shares his take on being part of the Arkus team: 

"Unlike other consulting firms that pass project phases between teams of people, project managers at Arkus handle the entire lifecycle of a project from scoping to configuration to training. That doesn’t mean we don’t help each other, but I feel a very strong sense of ownership for the projects and clients who are considered mine. When the goal is to serve the client, the personal relationship this model fosters provides them with a resource who is always close at hand. The most rewarding part of my work is the sense that I’m a trusted advisor to my clients who can respond and adapt to their needs

My co-workers are cool. Given the mix of responsibility and freedom that we as project managers have at Arkus, this job attracts a certain kind of person. They are intelligent, driven, and creative people who break the traditional consultant mold. Arkus provides an environment where we can thrive."

Curious to learn more about what it means to be an Arky? Check out the Arkus blog for a library of posts from the Arkus team, including another story of success in joining the Arkus team, "Tips & Tricks to Land a Job in the Salesforce Ecosystem," from Iva Mandic.

Benefits of Working at Arkus

We believe in an empowered employee, independent and responsible for the work they do, ultimately satisfying the client. 

How to Join Arkus

If you would like to join our team, please take a look at our current openings in the sidebar and contact us through TriNet. We’ll be back in touch with you to set up a phone interview. Depending upon each step in the process, you will likely have multiple phone interviews with senior leadership via phone and then be asked to join us for a few more hours of interviews and a Salesforce functional assessment. We’re more than happy to answer any questions you may have, and look forward to receiving a message if you think you’re a good fit for our team.