Financial Services

A listing of some of our banking and financial services clients including hedge funds, commercial and community banks as well as private equity firms. 


A listing our non-profit clients that cover everything from social chage to educational reform.


A listing of our educational organizational clients from charter schools to educational reform institutions.

FEGS Health & Human Services

To help each individual achieve greater success, independence and dignity–at work, at school, at home, and in the community–by providing a diverse network of cost-effective health and human services, which meet the changing needs of the Jewish and broader communities, business and our society.

fegs-logo.jpgFEGS Health & Human Services was born out of the Great Depression, when millions of Americans were struggling to provide for themselves and their families. FEGS, which stands for Federation Employment and Guidance Service, was established in 1934 to combat discrimination in the workplace and to help New Yorkers prepare for and find jobs. Since then, the organization has evolved into one of the largest health and human services agencies in the country, expanding and diversifying to meet the many needs of the community. Far more than an employment agency, the organization now serves as a safety net for individuals and families, providing a wide range of services that allow people to live healthy, fulfilling, and productive lives.

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