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FriendFactor Case Study

A case study for the work that Arkus did for Friendfactor.

Problem Statement

Friendfactor is a startup 501(c)3 organization that after six months of rapid growth was running their business out of spreadsheets. These spreadsheets were managed by a geographically disparate team of volunteers and interns. It was difficult to manage versions and almost impossible to run any sort of analytics that were meaningful to the decision makers of the organization. Friendfactor was also using multiple lists to send emails and mailings to their ever growing constituency.

"As a non-profit start-up, we realized that customer relationship management would be crucial to the success of our business. With the help of Arkus, we were able to develop a powerful and scalable infrastructure that will allow us to grow and succeed. Not only did Arkus help configure our system, but they also gave us the tools and knowledge to continually improve as our organization evolves."
- Jeff Green
CTO Friendfactor

Solutions Provided

Arkus helped Friendfactor quickly get setup on utilizing the non-profit starter pack mixed with best practices. Friendfactor now has one central repository for all their Contacts, Organizations, Volunteers, and Donations. They are able to collect information from an integrated website and have that data flow into their back-end system. Arkus also provides strategic direction and ongoing support to the Friendfactor management team as to how to most effectively use Salesforce.

Tools Used:

  • non-profit starter pack
  • Vertical Response integrated with Salesforce
  • Web to Lead functionality


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