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Magellan Shipping Case Study

A case study for the work that Arkus did for Magellan Shipping.

Magellan Shipping is a full service freight forwarder and customs broker based out of Englewood, NJ. Their model of partnering with their clients to provide the best and most creative solutions for logistical issues has helped to make them and their client successful since 1987.

The Problem:

Magellan's process for creating and providing quotes to their customers and prospects was extremely manual and largely paper based. A big percentage of their time was spent on this quoting process.

The Solution:

We developed a custom application which allowed them to easily track their vendor costs and customer quotes. The new application reduced the total time needed to create a quote. In addition to the custom functionality, Magellan was able to take advantage of's best-in-class CRM tool.

Tools Used

  • Platform

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