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Modern Spaces Case Study

A case study for the work that Arkus did for Modern Spaces.
Modern Spaces Case Study

Modern Spaces

Problem Statement

Modern Spaces is a up and coming Long Island City based Real Estate Broker who had limited space but need for a local area network for file storage. Modern Spaces also wanted to make sure all their computers were backed up in case of disaster and not just on local drives.
"We Chose to work with Arkus having been told they can make our day to day business much more easier, they couldnt have been more right, not only has our business been simplified, but working with them has been a pleasure. We are now talking to them on other services they can provide us, I look forward to working with them again... Eric Benaim CEO - Modern Spaces

Solution Provided

After consulting with Modern Spaces and gathering requirements, we chose JungleDisk as a solution for both problems. We enabled each machine with a virtual shared drive as well as a few drives only available to the managers for more sensitive information. We used the JungleDisk backup hosted by Rackspace to do nightly remote backups of all machines in the office to the cloud, which lets everyone sleep better at night.

Tools Used

  • JungleDisk Workgroup
  • JungleDisk Backup
  • Rackspace Hosting


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