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New Leaders for New Schools Case Study

A case study for work Arkus did for New Leaders for New Schools

Problem Statement

New Leaders for New Schools' mission is to ensure high academic achievement for every student by attracting and preparing outstanding leaders and supporting the performance of the urban public schools they lead at scale. Scalability is key for New Leaders as they run a geographically dispersed organization with offices across the Nation. New Leaders has an extremely complex and evolved implementation and required assistance with strategic direction and decision making around key business processes and Cloud Computing technologies.

“Arkus’ instinct and intuition for how to use Salesforce to solve real business problems speaks to their commitment, creativity, and expert level knowledge in this area.  The team was not short on ideas and really helped us to think out-of-the-box.”

Solutions Provided

Arkus was contracted as a service provider as an alternative way to keep operational costs low. Arkus was able to provide strategic oversight and recommendations to keep New Leaders on the path to success with and Cloud Computing. Arkus provided system administration, data manipulation, and project management capabilities to New Leaders by placing a resource on-site. It allowed New Leaders the ability to get a technical person on staff without paying the expenses that are associated with an employee.

Tools Used:

  • Project Management Methodology
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