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Reputation Institute Case Study

A case study on the work that Arkus did for Reputation Institute.

Problem Statement

Reputation Institute (RI) is the world’s leading reputation consulting firm. As a pioneer in the field of brand and reputation management, RI helps companies unlock the power of corporate reputation. With a presence in 30 countries, RI is dedicated to advancing knowledge about reputation and shares best practices and current research through client engagement, memberships, conferences, and publications.

RI has been working on a global rollout of and was having trouble accurately reporting, real-time, on sales and forecast metrics in order to properly disseminate KPIs for future monthly and quarterly financial requirements.

Solutions Provided

Using Arkus' expertise in business process and data modeling, RI was able to quickly adjust their instance on the fly to meet their reporting needs without hindering too much of their existing processes. Through detailed analysis, Arkus was able to meet the reporting needs of the firm by reconfiguring to the exact specifications needed in order to report on sales and accurately forecast resources required on a month by month basis. This level of insight is required for executives and business development teams in order to accurately report to the Board and to staff up for projects.

Tools Used:

  • Custom Objects
  • Reporting and Dashboards
  • for Microsoft Office plug-in

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