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Success Charter Network Case Study

A case study on the work that Arkus did for the Human Resource Information System for Success Charter Network.

Problem Statement

Success Charter Network is a not for profit organization that operates seven high performing public charter schools in New York City. Over the next decade the network will grow to forty schools, providing academically rigorous and well-rounded instruction to children. Through the next decade and as the network scales so does the need for operational systems and processes. Human Resource Information Systems consisted of various spreadsheets, documents, and disparate systems as well as knowledge being managed within people's heads. Success Charter Network needed a better way to manage their staff and decided to use's platform as a service to handle the task.

"The HRIS system that Arkus built on allows me to focus on reliable HR analytics from a central source, while automated notifications and data validation reduce time spent on follow-up - with better tracking. Our employees find it extremely easy to use after minimal training, so much so that the adoption has been faster than expected." - Michal Perlstein, Human Resources

Solutions Provided

Utilizing the platform Arkus was able to build out a large and complex system that managed all HR related data and transactions in a secure and reliable environment. Employees are provided with tools in a self service manner via an Employee Portal and can now manage and have visibility into data they never had before. Now managers have a central place to view all of the data about their employees where deemed appropriate. The data being tracked and interacted within the system includes:

  • Personal Information
    • Emergency Contact Info
    • Home Address
    • Home Phone
    • Home Email
    • SSN
    • EEO Information
  • Benefits
    • Yearly benefits enrollment and allotments
  • Compensation
    • Yearly salary
    • Hourly rates
    • Bonus potential
  • Performance Management
    • A fully custom built performance review system for submitting and approving goals
    • Mid-Year and Year-End self-assessments
  • Resume & Professional Experience
    • Tracking of historical information
    • New Skills acquired through professional development
  • Banking Information
    • Storing information about an employee's bank type
  • On-Boarding Checklist
    • Checklist for HR and for IT staff to align processes
  • Paid Time Off
    • A fully automated vacation and time off manager with approvals and notifications
  • Visual Org Chart
    • Using Google Visualization APIs
    • Ability to drill down department by department and see a visual representation of current staff members
  • Integration with Recruiting Platform
    • Integration using 3rd party ETL tool with iCIMS recruiting platform


All of the above functionality is built natively on the platform and inherits the fine grained security and entitlements that are necessary for a system with sensitive HR data. It also allows for the analytics features that the HR team at Success Charter Network requires so that when someone asks a question about the average salary for a 3rd grade teacher across all of their Entities (schools) the answer is within a few clicks. 

Tools Used