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SunGard - Pending Customer Automation Case Study

SunGard utilizes’s Service Cloud to manage their entire internal IT helpdesk. With 400 Salesforce users supporting over 15,000 end-users world wide, speed and time savings are of the essence.
SunGard - Pending Customer Automation Case Study

SunGard - Pending Customer Automation Case Study

SunGard has a method of putting their tickets into a “Pending - Customer” status. This status is to track the fact that the ticket has been actioned by the Helpdesk and a response is now required from the customer.  In some cases the Helpdesk is awaiting additional information, but in a significant number of cases they are awaiting a reply from the customer giving them the go ahead to close out the ticket.

As a result of this process there were over 3800 tickets remaining in the Pending - Customer status at any given time resulting in lower close rates and lower time to close rates. It would take an engineer a long time to go through all the tickets that they’ve already actioned and follow-up with the customer one by one when in some cases all they are waiting for is an approval to close the ticket.

Solution Implemented

With the assistance of Arkus, SunGard implemented a Pending - Customer automation process that allows for capturing of dates for when a follow-up email should go out to a customer. Here is how it works:

"The Pending Customer Automation is one of the most successful implementations we have pushed into production this year. This solution came to resolve one the biggest support difficulties we had, which was an ever growing backlog of tickets. We needed a solution that would generate service efficiency and process automation within our ticketing system. This remarkable solution started to show real benefit just one week into deployment, with a drastic decrease in backlog tickets, a reduction in case age, an increase in our resolution SLA and a rise in customer satisfaction with regards to response times." - Zied Hanafi - Asst. Manager, Helpdesk

  • When a ticket goes into Pending - Customer status two dates get populated - a 1st follow-up date (7 days after the status change) and a 2nd follow-up date (7 days after the 1st follow-up date).
  • If the ticket is still in Pending - Customer and the 1st follow-up date is the current day then an email template is sent to the customer notifying them that their ticket is in Pending - Customer status and the reason is taken from a merge field on the ticket itself. This email also provides a link that staff can use to close their own ticket and notifies the customer that if no action is taken within 7 days their ticket will be closed automatically.
  • If the ticket is still in Pending - Customer and the 2nd follow-up date is the current day then another email template is sent out to the customer notifying them that their ticket has been closed. This template includes a link that the customer can click to easily reopen their ticket and provide a reason if they are dissatisfied that their ticket was closed.
  • Inside of Salesforce the ticket gets closed without an engineer having to do anything and the Closed Reason gets set automatically to “No Response from User”.


  • Average Number of open Pending - Customer Tickets per month prior to automation - 2800
  • Average Number of open Pending - Customer Tickets per month after automation – less than 600
  • Savings in Time – 1.68 FTE
  • Savings in Dollars - $37,000


This is a great example of automating an otherwise manual process of following up with customers just to ask them whether or not a ticket should be closed because the answer to their issue has already been given to them. Using native platform technologies Arkus was able to automate a well defined business process for SunGard and allow Helpdesk engineers to focus their time on solving outstanding issues as opposed to following up on tickets that have already been actioned.

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