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Synerjets Case Study

A case study on the work Arkus did for Synerjets.

Problem Statement

Synerjets is a private jet charter company offering high quality operators to its growing customer base. As a newly founded company, Synerjets was experiencing rapid growth with new employees being onboarded from week to week. With no pre-existing system to track clients, leads and accounts Synerjets needed to be set up and running in a matter of weeks with a scalable solution that offered enterprise class features but without huge upfront capital costs.

"Arkus supported us in the decision making process to help us model our implementation thru the various stages of research, purchase, and going live. Additionally they have helped support us technically which for a small sales oriented organization was important since Synerjets was very lean in terms of technical expertise. This combination helped Synerjets move from implementation to full production in an accelerated manner." - Stuart Bell, CEO of Synerjets

Solutions Provided

Arkus was contracted to set Synerjets up on the customer relationship management (CRM) platform and to handle the the day to day changes that arose from the growing company. Arkus also provided best practices and end user training for all new employees which helped increase adoption of the system. Arkus was also the support arm for the system answering technical questions and providing services like configuration and report building.

Tools Used:

  • CRM
  • Reports & Dashboards
  • Arkus service
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