Salesforce Consulting

From implementation road maps to setting up a center of excellence (CoE) we can help your organization get the most out of your investment.

 Road maps

No matter what type of cloud services or deployment model you are considering as part of your overall IT strategy, you must have a roadmap to guide your journey. A roadmap provides guidance that enables multiple projects to progress in parallel yet remain coordinated and ultimately result in a common end goal.

CoE (Center of Excellence)

Having a large footprint in your organization requires proper management and governance. Prior to creating Arkus, the founders ran a successful CoE for a large financial services institution managing 5 production instances with 14 custom applications and over 3,000 users. Leverage our years of experience and industry know-how to provide you with the tools, structure, and best practices you will need to manage your platform and suite of applications.

Org Strategy

In an ever changing economic climate, companies find themselves growing in all directions with different departments and groups expanding quicker than IT can keep up with. We can help you come up with an Org Strategy and implement that plan, whether that be splitting them out for compliance reasons or merging them together for lower costs or easier management.