Salesforce1 Platform Development

We can help customize your solution with everything from triggers to APEX.

APEX and Visualforce

Salesforce has long been known as the leading PaaS provider. One of the primary strengths that Salesforce CRM provides is the ability for a business user to perform administration and simple process automation tasks that would typically take one or more developers. By giving developers access to the same underpinnings on which they have built their world-class CRM, has enabled solution providers like Arkus to build powerful, native applications that can stand alone or that seamlessly extend or integrate with existing CRM functionality. The platform is very powerful, serving over 200 million transactions daily, with an average response time under 1/3 of a second. As a custom solution provider ourselves, we let provide the servers, switches, data centers, security, or in other words, the hard stuff. They can benefit from economies of scale and provide a much more reliable application platform than we can, for a more reasonable price. That allows us to be laser focused on value-add services, which in turn gives our customers optimal results in less time.


Build vs Buy. We often opt to integrate open source or commercial software solutions with our work: our primary emphasis is on solving the problem. The higher the value we bring to our clients, the more successful we are. Sites and Portal

Imagine taking the same tools that you know and love in and extending them to your customer and partner channels. In addition, Sites lets you create public web applications and web sites that run natively on - under your own domain. Arkus has a wealth of experience building sites and portals on the platform to put your customers and partners to work for you.