Ideas Being Delivered in Summer 15
Ideas Being Delivered in Summer 15

Ideas Being Delivered in Summer 15

06/01/2015 by Ashley Leifer
Salesforce Summer 15 release and great ideas delivered from the IdeaExchange.

Salesforce continues to deliver with each release on ideas from the IdeaExchange, showing the community they take this medium very seriously.  With Spring 15 we started highlighting some ideas and their impact on feature delivery.  Summer 15 continues that trend with many great ideas turning into features in Salesforce.  

With over 50 ideas delivered there’s no way I can go through all of them. So instead I’ll highlight a few feature enhancements and new tools delivered:

Upgrade to Enhanced Goals - I have to mention this one first since there were so many ideas delivered for this product, all of which are related to enhancing goals. One thing to note is that all organizations currently using Goals will need to upgrade to Enhanced Goals. By doing so you are opening up a lot of new features and functionality. In addition, it now acts similar to other standard objects with the ability to customize fields, page layouts, create list views, and actions. But the real wins with the upgrade comes from many ideas focused on requested features, some of which are;

  • Create Goal for a Group (210 pts) - where you can create a goal for an entire team or department. 
  • Assign Goals (110 pts) - now managers are able to create a goal and push it to their direct reports.
  • Unlock Goals (60 pts) - goals that are submitted can now be unlocked for editing by a manager or administrator.
  • Ability to Set a Default Visibility When Creating a New Objective (20 pts) - ability to change the default visibility when creating a new goal (objective).  That way you can set to private and avoid potentially posting a personal goal to the whole company.  


Editing feed posts and comments - This may seem small but is really huge and will alleviate a lot of frustration when you accidentally type something you really wish you could go back and correct.  With the delivery of Ability to Edit a Chatter Post After Posting (24,270 pts) users can now edit their own posts, record owners can edit all posts no matter who created it, and administrators can now edit posts and grant editing rights to individual users.

Report on Record Feeds in the Chatter Dashboard Package - Shortly after the release of Summer 15, an updated Chatter Dashboard package will be available on the AppExchange. You can create a custom report type using Object > ObjectFeeds, from there you can report on chatter feed that has feed tracking enabled for all standard and custom objects.  A great idea delivered for this was Make Chatter Feeds on Records Reportable (5120 pts).

Process Builder

Compare and Return Values in Formulas - Process Builder - Allow ISNEW function in formula criteria (2180 pts) and Why isn't "formula" an option for the Workflow Field Updates for Picklist fields (8410 pts) are two ideas that delivered the new edition of functions INCLUDES,  ISCHANGED, ISNEW, ISPICKVAL, and PRIORVALUE.  These allow more flexibility when creating criteria for processes.

Update Fields Using Formulas and Date Functions - This is great when dealing with date criteria. The idea Process Builder: Dynamic Dates When Updating a Date Field (8660 pts) delivered supports the use of dynamic date functions like Today() + 5 Days or <date field> - 2 Days, etc…. In addition you can now use mathematical formulas to calculate values.

Immediately Delete a Process - The Eliminate the 12 hour time constraint on deleting PB and flows (320 pts) idea is great so that if you are needing to make minor tweaks to processes and have several versions created you can immediately clean up and delete rather than waiting 12 hours and having to remember to go back and clean up the next day.

There’s lots of good tools and feature enhancements coming out of the IdeaExchange with every new release. Do you have other favorite ideas delivered in this latest release I didn’t mention? Please feel free to comment below, on our Facebook page, or directly at me on Twitter @LeiferAshley or in the Success Community.