The New and Improved Trailhead

The New and Improved Trailhead

07/28/2015 by Peter White
Salesforce Trailhead Continues to Blaze The Trail

Trailhead is a free administrator and developer interactive training tool that guides you through the basic building blocks of the Salesforce Platform. We first wrote about Trailhead in December 2014 and much to our satisfaction, it has greatly improved since its introduction at Dreamforce ‘14.

Salesforce continues to add new training modules and bump up the gamification, my last check indicated that you now can acquire 25 module badges and related points (disclaimer - it’s highly addictive), as well as delve into 6 projects. The module and project topics vary from beginner to moderate and do a fantastic job of providing not only the basics but also links to additional knowledge resources.


What’s New?

Admin Trail - Intermediate

The addition of an Admin Trail - Intermediate path guides you from Data Security through Formulas and Process Automations to Lightning App Builder. This trail takes you deeper into the platform and builds upon the solid foundation you constructed in the Admin Trail - Beginner modules.

Additional Modules

New modules are being rolled out in Trailhead on a regular basis. The Developer Trail - Beginner now contains 11 modules that guide you from platform basics, through security, data modeling, formulas, right on up to Apex triggers and Visualforce. Now that’s a journey that I used to imagine, now readily available.


There is now a Projects section containing 6 modules that provide hands-on experience building Salesforce1 apps using point-and-click, Apex and Visualforce and Lightning with step-by-step directions. The use cases are real world examples that you can deploy over and over with this knowledge.

Why use Trailhead?

  • Badges, we love badges. I proudly hold 13 badges with 18,400 points. It’s workbooks on steroids, with the aggregation of points and badges to provide that sense of accomplishment we all cherish and the competition to keep us engaged.

  • You are learning and improving every step of the way as you roll through the modules. As a study tool, Trailhead has provided me the background needed to pass 3 certification exams!

  • Refresh your knowledge in areas that have become a bit fuzzy, go back and review the topic again and again - it’s there when you need it.

  • It evolves with the platform - you will always be working with the latest and greatest. It grows with you, you grow with it.

Trailhead has been a game-changer for many of us. The best news is Salesforces continues to invest in it so that it continues to improve and, as per usual, they welcome and incorporate our suggestions. Give it a try and see for yourself, we bet you will become as addicted as we are. And hey, pile up those badges and points, how awesome is that?

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