Leveraging Salesforce NPSP Reports for Dynamic Marketing Cloud Campaigns
Leveraging Salesforce NPSP Reports for Dynamic Marketing Cloud Campaigns

Leveraging Salesforce NPSP Reports for Dynamic Marketing Cloud Campaigns

02/02/2024 by Musa Musa
Check out the standout report-building features in Salesforce Marketing Cloud and learn how to use them in this how-to walk-through guide.

Nonprofit organizations play a crucial role in society, and managing donor data efficiently is paramount for their success. Salesforce's Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) is a robust tool designed to help nonprofits track donations, volunteers, and other critical data. One of its standout features is the ability to generate reports that can be utilized to create audiences in Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC).

Understanding Marketing Cloud Audiences

Marketing Cloud audiences are groups of contacts for targeted campaigns based on diverse criteria like demographics, purchase history, and website behavior.

Harnessing the Power of NPSP Reports

Salesforce offers over 70 out-of-the-box customizable industry reports ready to use in NPSP to meet specific needs. On a basic level, NPSP reports can identify contacts who have attended fundraising events, donated specific amounts, or interacted with marketing emails.

 Benefits of NPSP Reports for Marketing Cloud Audiences

  • Accuracy: Real-time data ensures the precision of audiences.
  • Accurate Segmentation: Create precise segments, engaging those likely to interact with campaigns.
  • Contact Management: Import only active contacts, maintaining a streamlined Marketing Cloud instance.

Integration Process 

Integrating NPSP and Marketing Cloud is a seamless process. In just a few steps organizations can effortlessly bring NPSP reports into their marketing strategy. Follow along with these steps to experience the ease of using NPSP reports in your SFMC instance:

  • Identify the NPSP report that represents your audience.
  • Log in to Marketing Cloud and navigate to Email Studio.
  • Click on Interactions, select Import, and create a new import.
  • Fill in necessary details such as Name, Description, and File Location.
  • Choose Salesforce Objects and Reports from the File Location dropdown.
  • Select Report as the Salesforce Data Source Type and pick the desired report.
  • Assign appropriate fields to the created Data Extension.
  • Enter an email address for import activity notifications and save.

Automation for Efficiency

Automation is a significant benefit for nonprofits. By automating the import of NPSP reports into Marketing Cloud, organizations save time and resources, eliminating the need for manual CSV file downloads and email dispatch.

Use Case: Donor Engagement Campaign

A practical example involves running a donation campaign through Journey Builder in Marketing Cloud and sending personalized emails to donors based on their giving history. 

Below is a visual example of Journey Builder activities that can be built and automated for the use case mentioned above.  Emails would continuously go out to donors from the NPSP reports without any manual work beyond the initial setup. Below is a visual example of Journey Builder activity that can be built and automated for the use a donor campaign

The following steps outline the process to increase Donor Engagement through Personalized Email Campaigns:

  1. Data Management in Salesforce NPSP: Use NPSP to manage donor data, including details about donations and engagement history.
  1. Segmentation with NPSP Reports: Create NPSP reports to segment donors based on criteria like donation amount and engagement history.
  1. Integration with Marketing Cloud: Ensure that Salesforce NPSP is integrated with Salesforce Marketing Cloud to seamlessly share data between the two platforms.
  1. Import Definition Setup: In Salesforce Marketing Cloud, create an import definition to bring in the NPSP report.
  1. Journey Builder Setup: In Salesforce Marketing Cloud, create a new journey focused on donor engagement.
  1. Entry Criteria: Define entry criteria based on NPSP reports, such as recent donations or participation in specific campaigns.
  1. Decision Splits: Use decision splits to route donors down different paths based on engagement levels.
  1. Email Personalization: Utilize NPSP data for personalized email content, including donor names and past donation amounts.
  1. Engagement Tracking: Implement tracking mechanisms within Journey Builder to monitor donor interactions. This could include tracking email opens, clicks, and other engagement metrics.
  1. Automation: Set up automated follow-up emails based on donor behavior.
  1. Dynamic Content: Use dynamic content to tailor emails to specific donor segments.
  1. Testing and Optimization: Before launching the journey, thoroughly test each step to ensure a smooth donor experience. Continuously optimize the journey based on performance data and donor feedback.

Maximize Your Impact through NPSP and Marketing Cloud

Implementing Salesforce NPSP and Marketing Cloud empowers nonprofit organizations to operate more efficiently, engage donors effectively, and execute targeted and personalized communication strategies. This integration is a game-changer, ultimately maximizing fundraising efforts and enhancing overall donor engagement.

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