3 iPad Apps That Make Life Easier

06/21/2012 by Larry Salvatoriello
A three-pack of iPad applications that have won me over.

The iPad is a revolutionary device and I was one of the many that ran out and got one when it first came out.  As I began to use the new “Family” device, I started to see how much of a time saver it was and started to feel the need to have one of my own.  So, a few months ago I purchased the new iPad and personalized it to how I wanted it and away I went.  Its native features like Mail, FaceTime, and iTunes are great but the real time savers are some of the wonderful applications available on the App Store.  Here is a select few that I cannot live without.

OmniFocus by OmniGroup

It may be one of the most expensive applications out there but for those who subscribe to the David Allen bible of how to get things done (GTD), it is a must have.  Instead of having to open my laptop every morning to go through my todo list, I can use Omnifocus for the iPad and away I go.  OmniGroup has built this to perfection.  The navigation is easy and more importantly it syncs with your desktop and iPhone version Omnifocus.  The iPhone application gives you quick access to capture and review lists on the go and the iPad application saves you the time of having to open a laptop or go to your iMac at home to review things in more detail.

Zite by CNN

Zite might be my favorite application on iOS and best of all it is free. For those who do not have the time to go searching for the news, this is the application for you.  Zite pulls articles from the web based on keywords or categories that you select and displays them in a nicely organized view. It has a learning feature that allows you to tell which articles you found useful and it will begin bringing more articles like that to your attention. The coolness doesn’t stop there.  It gives you the ability to capture the articles in Evernote or share with your friends via Facebook and Twitter. I used to use Google Reader and now with Zite, I barely touch it.

Chatter by Salesforce.com

For all the Salesforce users out there, the Chatter application is great and a must have. The caveat of course is that you must use Chatter for it to be useful.  As an early adopter of the new collaboration feature in Salesforce, it is critical to my business and gives me a quick and easy way to keep up on the items that I am concerned about.  Add in a slick user interface that allows you to easily browse and filter and I am in Chatter heaven. If you are a big Chatter user, don’t delay in getting Chatter mobile.

Honorable Mentions

For entertainment, Pandora, Netflix and HBO Go do a great job of providing streaming content whether it is movies, television or music.  For work, I find the Linkedin application to be very slick and completely replaces my need to go to it on my laptop. I also find GoDocs by Light Room to be useful in a pinch if you need to get to an important Google Doc in a meeting or on the road. Photostream is a great native feature that syncs photos across devices and with applications like Facebook you can quickly share these photos with your family and friends.

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