Oh the Places Arkies Will Go - Summer ‘24 Edition
Oh the Places Arkies Will Go - Summer ‘24 Edition

Oh the Places Arkies Will Go - Summer ‘24 Edition

05/15/2024 by Kate Lessard
From the East Coast to the West Coast, Arkies are on the move for the summer conference season. Find out where you can catch your favorite team members to attend sessions or just chat about the Salesforce ecosystem.

Learning Opportunities

Awesome Arkus Experts are sharing their knowledge in Day of Learning Events across the country. We have a few coming up this summer that you won’t want to miss!

Chicago Lunch & Learn: AI for Impact on May 21st

The potential for leveraging AI and streamlining data management has never been more promising. Nonprofits are invited to join us in Chicago to explore the integration of AI into operations and the optimization of data through Salesforce to drive engagement across your organization. Come for the learning and stay for lunch and to network with fellow nonprofit executives and leaders in Chicago. This event will take place at the Salesforce Tower starting at 11:30 am on 5/21. Space is limited, register early. 

RSVP: https://www2.arkusinc.com/chicago-24

San Francisco Lunch & Learn: Data + AI + CRM on June 5th

After Chicago, we are headed to San Francisco. Join us for an exclusive in-person event for Bay Area nonprofits hosted with Salesforce at Salesforce West. This event will run from 11:30 am - 3:15 pm followed by an optional visit to the top of the Salesforce Tower until 4pm.

This will be an afternoon of inspiration, learning, and networking. Our sessions will focus on data strategy and the newest innovations coming from Salesforce for nonprofits, and the customer panel will offer the opportunity to gain insights from Nonprofit leaders who have harnessed the transformative capabilities of Salesforce to streamline operations and maximize impact. The future is now in the world of generative AI and Salesforce is making waves with Einstein 1 Platform and Einstein Copilot. We’ll also spend a session exploring the implications of AI on the nonprofit sector and what to expect as the industry adapts to new technology. It’s an event you won’t want to miss! Space is limited, register early. 

RSVP: https://www2.arkusinc.com/sflunch24

Washington DC Lunch & Learn June 13th

Save the date! We are planning another event in Washington D.C. on June 13th. Learn more about this event and register below.

RSVP: www2.arkusinc.com/dc-lunch

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An Arkus Education

Salesforce Education Summit May 13th - 15th

The future of education is bright! Arkus is excited to attend this year’s education summit in San Diego, CA. Make sure to connect with Katy Parker (Engagement Manager), Amanda Blue (Delivery Team Manager), and Ally Seng (Sales Manager) while on site.

Let’s Connect

Salesforce Connections May 22nd-23rd

Connections is an annual marketing focused Salesforce event hosted in Chicago, IL May 22nd - 23rd. The focus this year is on “The data and AI moment where it all clicks.” Make sure to connect with our team of Arkies including Jason Atwood (CEO and Co-Founder), Amy Bucciferro (Director of Delivery), Katrina Donarski (Solution Architect, Marketing Practice), Ryan Boyle (President of Sales and Marketing), and Cate Howes (Vice President of Sales).

Giddy Up Y’all

We kickoff the summer with not 1, but 2 trips to Texas!

Texas Dreamin’ May 30th-31st

Catch 4 Arkus sessions at Texas Dreamin’ from Arkus CEO and Co-Founder, Jason Atwood, and Senior Delivery Team Manager, Kate Lessard (Me!). You’ll also have the chance to connect with Erin Ramirez (Senior Engagement Manager), Cassidy Schulze (Engagement Manager), Marilyn DelBosque (Engagement Manager), Jennifer Olson (Solution Architect), Maggie Finnegan (Implementation Consultant), Ryan Boyle (President of Sales and Marketing), and Tiffany Arnaldo (Implementation Consultant).

But I Don’t Want to be a Developer: Why Admins Should Learn Dev Fundamentals with Kate Lessard. After graduating from RAD Women Code, one of the top things I learned was that I didn't want to be a developer; however, this was one of the best learning experiences of my life and I still leverage the concepts I learned every week to make me a stronger Salesforce professional. Learn 4 key dev fundamentals that you can apply every day in your role as a Salesforce Admin. Join Kate in Zlotnik Salon 1 from 12:00 pm - 12:45 pm on Thursday, May 30th.

Harnessing the Power of ​​Salesforce for Nonprofits: Nonprofit Cloud vs NPSP with Jason Atwood and Kate Lessard. In the ever-evolving landscape of nonprofit technology, it's imperative for organizations to understand and differentiate between two pivotal Salesforce solutions: the Nonprofit Cloud and the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP). In this session we will demystify Salesforce's tailored solutions for nonprofits, delving into the history, evolution, and significant role of Salesforce in enhancing nonprofit efficiency and impact. A thorough examination of the Nonprofit Cloud reveals its integrated features, benefits, and adaptability to various nonprofit sizes and needs, contrasting with the NPSP's modular design, customization capabilities, and community-driven development. Come learn implementation process for both platforms, including typical timelines, resource requirements, and potential challenge. With practical advice on evaluating and selecting the most suitable Salesforce solution, considering factors like long-term scalability, data management, and integration with other systems. The future outlook of Salesforce solutions in the nonprofit sector, including emerging trends and potential developments, (hint: AI) will be discussed, providing insights on how nonprofits can stay ahead of the curve in leveraging Salesforce technology for greater social impact. Join Jason and Kate in Room 104 from 2:00 pm - 2:45 pm on Thursday, May 30th.

Productivity Workshop with Jason Atwood. This session covers the Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology, Conquering Communications, Mastering Meetings, and Maintaining Focus. Participants will acquire a toolkit of techniques for improved productivity in time, task, and team management. The workshop begins with Getting Things Done (GTD, teaching the five-step process of managing tasks effectively: capture, clarify, organize, reflect, and engage). Learn insights on integrating GTD into personal and organizational workflows. You will learn to Conquer Communication, Master Meetings, and Maintain Focus. Join Jason in Room 105 from 9:30 am - 11:00 am on Friday, May 31st.

5 Tips to Ace Your Interview with Kate Lessard and Jason Atwood. Whether you're going through a technical interview, meeting with Human Resources, or trying to impress the hiring manager, there are tips you can use to set yourself apart from the cloud (I mean crowd). Let’s talk through 5 tips to ace that interview and land your dream Salesforce career! This is a don’t miss session for any aspiring Arkies! Join Kate and Jason in Room 104 from 12:00 pm - 12:20 pm on Friday, May 31st.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of America National Conference June 10th-14th

Next up, Arkies will head to the BBBSA National Conference in Dallas, TX to support our partner. This is our first time attending the conference and we can’t wait to learn, network, and celebrate.

Ryan Boggs, Solution Architect, and Kate Lessard, Senior Delivery Team Manager will join Travis Gibson (BBBSA CTO), Sean Gordon (BBBSA Technical Product Manager), and Connie Askin (CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Mass & Metrowest) for a session to discuss Matchforce Fundraising on June 13th. They’ll be joined by fellow Arkies Ryan Boyle (President of Sales and Marketing), Jason Atwood (CEO and Co-Founder), and Ally Seng (Sales Manager). If you’re attending- come talk to us in the sponsor hall.

Beat the Heat from Coast to Coast

Forcelandia July 10th-11th

Hosted in Portland, OR, this developer focused conference is a popular Arky destination!

Join Kate Lessard (Senior Delivery Team Manager), Jennifer Olson (Solution Architect), and Annemarie Forgie (Solution Architect) to learn about the programmatic side of Salesforce. While you’re there, make sure to catch a session too- Kate is talking about Why Admins Should Learn Dev Fundamentals.

Buckeye Dreamin’ July 22nd-24th

Ohio’s premier Salesforce community conference for Users, Admins, Developers and Architects is one you won’t want to miss. Andrew Fretwell, Arkus Sales Director, will be in attendance and leading a session on AI- this year’s hot topic!

Five Steps to Prepare Your Nonprofit for AI: AI isn't arriving, it has arrived! Join Andrew as he walks through how to get your nonprofit and team members on track to reap the benefits of AI. 

Tahoe Dreamin’ July 25th-26th

Tahoe Dreamin’ is an annual community-led Salesforce conference that is held in Lake Tahoe, on the border of California and Nevada. Join Arkies Cate Howes (Vice President of Sales) and Kate Lessard (Senior Delivery Team Manager) for some summer fun on the lake! Kate will be bringing back her popular session: But I Don’t Want to be a Developer! (Why Admins Should Learn Dev Fundamentals).

WITness Success August 2nd-3rd

The Arkies round out the summer in Louisville, KY with a conference that celebrates Women in Technology and Allies that support them.

Come meet Zoe Waldridge (Engagement Manager), Tiffany Arnaldo (Implementation Consultant), and Jason Atwood (CEO and Co-Founder) in Kentucky. Be sure not to miss the Demo Jam- Arkus is sponsoring!

Mile High Dreamin’ August 28th-29th

Arkies Jason Atwood (CEO & Co-Founder), Ryan Boggs (Solution Architect), and Kate Lessard (Senior Delivery Team Manager) will be at Denver’s community-hosted event about all things Salesforce. Make sure to connect with them at 5280 feet above sea level.

Go Places with Arkus

We have a jam packed summer ahead and can’t wait to connect with you! Take a look at the stats from last year and where we are headed and join us.

We are ready to see you and excited to support your work too. 

Compilation of logos of events Arkus team members attended in 2023 and plan to attend in 2024

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