From Pull to Push, Cloud 2 Changes Everything
From Pull to Push, Cloud 2 Changes Everything

From Pull to Push, Cloud 2 Changes Everything

08/02/2010 by Justin Edelstein
Cloud 2 changes everything about the way people interact with the web and companies on the web. It even changes the way we work - we go from pulling information to having information pushed in context in real-time.

Some companies haven't even adopted the Cloud as part of their technology stack, so why move so fast to Cloud 2? The answer is actually simple, because the way we use the Web has changed dramatically over the last few years. What was once very much about "pulling" information is now all about "pushing" information in context.

Cloud Sourcing

For example - if you were to be in the market for a new bluetooth headset 5 years ago you would likely "Google it" by typing "bluetooth headset reviews" into the search box. You would comb through links and stories about bluetooth headsets and eventually get to the information you need to make a choice - you would essentially be "pulling" information from the vast internet. Fast-forward to today and you are more likely to Tweet the question of "which bluetooth headset is best for my phone?". Not only will your friends supply answers but if there are savvy bluetooth headset manufacturers and marketers out there they would be able to send you an answer via Twitter too - they would be "pushing" information at you for your consumption in context of what you were looking for. This is the power of Cloud 2 - the ability to interact with people in far different ways - including the public internet as a marketing and communication channel. The ability for users of the internet and marketers at companies to be on the web together and know what each other really want - not just guesses based on search terms blindly typed into a box.

 Now examine the push vs pull scenario within a company's firewall. Wouldn't it be nice to have the same situation as described above with bluetooth headsets be true at your company? Wouldn't it be nice to just throw a question out into the ether about the best research document to use when talking to a certain type of client? Or what pitch deck should I use when pitching a specific product? Or even something as mundane as what is the best restaurant to go to in Omaha, NE? This is the type of push and feeding of information that today's and tomorrow's knowledge worker is going to expect when sitting at their desk, or better yet, staring at their mobile phone. 

Cloud 2 is all about getting to information that is, to use a cliche, "stuck in silos" within a company. Open up the communication channels by allowing employees to communicate with each other, and their data, the way that they do in their "real lives" and the results could be magical. In the end, that's what it's all about - employee interactions with people and data that they already are familiar with because they do it every day on Facebook and Twitter.

Our Cloud 2

At Arkus we use Cloud 2 in the following ways:

  • Instead of a blast email to the entire company we post something in our Salesforce Chatter feeds

  • We use Google Wave as opposed to Email and Chat for collaboration

  • We don't do press releases, rather we Tweet, Podcast, and write Blog Posts

  • Twitter and Craigslist are often sources for Leads as opposed to purchasing lists

  • We interact with our customers on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to enrich our relationships

Cloud 2 goes along with the notion of a more collaborative and interactive web. If your company isn't adopting this new wave of computing then you are missing out because this is where your customers are.