Easy Tech Gifts for Friends and Forgotten Family
Quick and easy tech gifts for 2011.

Easy Tech Gifts for Friends and Forgotten Family

12/28/2011 by Roger Mitchell
A review of a few different types of tech gifts for the people that you forgot or family that you’ll celebrate with in the near future.

So you forgot to give Aunt Marge a gift; don’t feel bad about it (even though she sent her homemade, knit sweater of a dog wearing a Santa hat to you via Next Day Air) because these are some great gifts you can send today after you read this! Let us take a look at the various different types and see which fits best for good ole Aunt Marge.

Instant Delivery (No Chimney Needed)

Does Aunt Marge love listening to Aerosmith? Does she love watching The Office? If you answered yes to one of these questions, or know that Marge is a diehard fan of an artist, TV show, or movie, think about giving her a gift on iTunes. When gifts are sent via iTunes, an email is sent to Marge and allows her to claim that greatest hits album or seasons of her favorite show.

Maybe Aunt Marge loves to cuddle with her cats and read the latest and greatest Janet Evanovich novels. Just like iTunes, you can send her a gift via iBooks, Kindle, Nook, or that other eBook provider. Snag a few titles and send them off to her. Just like media in iTunes, she will receive an email that you sent her a gift and she can claim it by clicking a link.

Snowy Services

You have no idea what Aunt Marge listens to or watches, but you know that she has a big stereo and smartphone. That’s alright, because these options let her choose what she wants to listen to or view. Send a nice note with a subscription to Hulu Plus or Netflix. Both of these services let you choose a period of a month up to a year, which will keep your wallet happy and her brain entertained.

If Marge takes a lot of pictures and wants to share them with people, Flickr Pro will let her organize and upload to her heart’s content. It buys her unlimited storage, collections, photos, HD video uploading, and statistics tracking. For a lover of photography, this option gives her the safety of cloud storage with the simplicity and well-integrated Flickr service.

Generous Gifts

Everyone at work says that your sweater is fabulous, strangers are giving you compliments, and you absolutely love it too and wish it had matching mittens (this is a far stretch, but I figured I’d cover it). There are a some great tech gifts that had price cuts or are new to the market that you can think about. If she loves to read, think about giving Marge a Kindle or Nook. There are various options, ranging from basic e-Readers to full-fledged media consuming devices.

But Marge loves her iDevice! Well, there are numerous accessories available for her. An attractive case like Twelve South’s BookBook gives her a nice leather folding case for her iPhone that resembles a book. If she has an iPad, think about something as simple as a Smart Cover or Logitech's ZaggFolio for iPad 2, which is a keyboard and case combined.

I hope that you were able to find something that your version of Marge would love, or at least like as much as the sweater that she gave you. If you have any ideas that I missed, I’d love to hear them either via a comment on our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/arkusinc or via Twitter @RogerMitchell.