Anticipated Sessions of Dreamforce 12

08/29/2012 by Jason Atwood (he/him)
My anticipated sessions at’s Dreamforce 12 or ones that just caught my eye.

While the road to Dreamforce is a long and winding one, with way too many reasons to count as to why to go, the sessions are always the focal point. They are the meat and potatoes to the icing of the Marc Benioff keynotes. So here is my list of sessions that either caught my eye or I just think are going to be great.

21 Changes That Impacted SEO Forever in 2012

It might be a little geeky to start off with a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) session but the title intrigues me a lot. I hope they bring in some concepts around and AppExchange listings as well as other Salesforce related products. SEO is less of a science and more of black magic so any help is welcomed.

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The 10-Year Evolution of Developers and

Who knew they would have a history class at DFU? As someone who has been around to participate the last 10 years of Salesforce, I find this session topic particularly intriguing. Not only am I interested in hearing the their take on the history of the platform, I’m hoping they reveal something new about the future of development.

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Chatter Worthy

You can’t get social without Chatter and I always like picking up tips and tricks on rolling out Chatter to organizations. This is a “Community Led” session which means it is built and led by Salesforce community leads like the MVPs. They tend to be a little more free formed and you know you are talking to some true blue users.

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Cross Object Workflow - Oh The Possibilities

Sorry, this is my first and only plug for one of our clients pimping some interesting stuff we built for them. If you can get over the icky self-promotion, Cross Object Workflows are a very powerful tool and deserve more highlighting. If you want to see a great @JustEdelstein demo, make sure to hit this one and stay till the end.

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Building Your Brand

I took last year off from speaking at Dreamforce, but I am back talking with @MikeGerholdt about how to build your personal or business brand through the use of social media. Mike and I will be breaking down areas to focus on, tips of the trade and ways to get yourself noticed in the Salesforce community.

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A Productivity-Based Approach to Closing More Business

As someone who loves to focus in on productivity, sprinkled with a little GTD (Getting Things Done) this title caught my eye. It will be a home run if they show how to integrate in with Salesforce and how that really brings home the closed won opportunities. You can never have too much productivity.

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These are just a few of the hundreds of sessions, so if you have some favorites post them to the comments below or send them over to me on Twitter @JasonMAtwood