Summer 16 for Financial Services
Summer 16 for Financial Services

Summer 16 for Financial Services

05/26/2016 by Jason M. Atwood (he/him)
A look at some of the new financial service related enhancements coming in Salesforce Summer 16 release.

Like clockwork, it is time again to take a look at the new Salesforce release with a set of Financial Services sunglasses on. Sure, this thing is packed with tons of Lightning goodness but those who are true to the core can also rejoice.

Let's start with one of the newer "clouds" to join the sky in Financial Services Cloud.

Easier Tracking of Client Relationships

For those who missed the bus on this one, Salesforce has two new industry specific clouds and in this case the Financial Services cloud gets some love in Summer 16. This new change allows for better visibility into relationships between Accounts, for example an accountant is both in his firm but also has a role on a household as the accountant of record. Reciprocal records to the rescue.

Person Account Search Enhancements

My love for person accounts is not very deep, but when they get some love from Salesforce (pretty rare) it is nice to see and deserves some attention. This enhancement brings back person accounts in search results if both the Account and Contact contain the search term which was not the case before. No more missing person (Accounts).

Generate Temporary Verification Codes

Two-factor authentication is a great feature bringing another level of security to Salesforce, but with all things Salesforce, sometimes the end user gets the dirty end of the stick. This new Summer 16 feature allows administrators to rescue a locked out end user by generating that one time code if they can't access their secondary device. Being an awesome admin just got easier.

Contacts: Associate a Contact with Multiple Accounts (GA)

Yes, I know this was already mentioned in Justin's rapid reaction post, but I cannot crow about this new feature enough, so let's do it again. This new feature solves the many to many problem of Contacts and Accounts and once enabled brings a new related listed called Related Contacts addable to the Account page layout. By default your Contacts will already be there, but not your Contact Roles, so those will need to be migrated. It will allow you to have Contacts related to many Accounts with multiple roles and indicated as a direct or indirect relationship. Confusing to start, but will help a lot of people who struggle with the primary account restriction.

Do you have other Summer 16 features that tickler your fin serv bone? Post them over on our Facebook page, in the Success Community, below in comments or directly @JasonMAtwood.