10 Things Keeping Me Out of Salesforce Lightning Experience
10 Things Keeping Me Out of Salesforce Lightning Experience

10 Things Keeping Me Out of Salesforce Lightning Experience

07/18/2018 by Jason M. Atwood (he/him)
A top ten list of things keeping users out of Salesforce Lightning Experience.

Like it or not (and I DO like it) Salesforce Lightning Experience (LEX) is the future. LEX has tons of new features that make things in Salesforce very easy, but there are still things still keeping me in Classic. Here is my top 10 list of things that are keeping me in Classic and out of Lightning Experience.

10) Share Button

Sharing records in Salesforce is a very useful feature if you have a private data model. In Classic you can easily click on the Share button, pick a user to Share with and a click, the record is shared. Want to do this in LEX? Nope.

9) Sorting List Views via Alphabet

This is one of those Classic features you don’t miss until you have a need to do it. For example, this morning I wanted to narrow down a list of 130 records (never mind Lightning Experience doesn’t “quickly” show how many records are in a list view) to find a certain account record. I went to click on the “F” in the alphabet sort which is all over Classic and… well… missing.

8) Opportunity Product Sort

There is a lot wrong with Opportunity Products in LEX but sorting has to be most glaring missing feature. Want your Opportunity with easy to read sorted product records? Switch back to Classic.

7) Too Many Clicks in Reports

Missing features or the number of clicks it takes to do something in LEX reports could make its own top 10 list, but the three that keep me back in Classic are “Show Details” which is buried under another button, date filters which used to be right on top and the many many clicks to choose summarization fields (Sum, Average, Min, Max). All these things were one click away and now are 2-5 clicks. Productivity starts with lowering my clicks not raising them.

6) Date Fields

What could be wrong with Date fields you ask? Well, the missing feature here is in Classic a Date field had today's date right next to it in Edit mode. You want to fill that in with today? One click. That feature is now two clicks away, first click in the field, then navigate down to the bottom of the calendar and click on the Today link. This might seem like a small thing but for people who use Date fields to track a repeating business process, this is doubling the work.

5) Related List Fields

Limiting to only 4 fields in a related list is just bad user experience. IMHO.

4) White Space

There are two issues here, density of data (not enough) and the new layout of the data (stacking a field label over the value). I don’t know how much user testing went into this decision, but I find myself going back to Classic everytime I need to review an object with lots of fields. Just easier to read left to right with a Label : Value pair.

3) Stacking in Report Columns

Speaking of stacking (we were, were we not?) here is one that makes me go back to Classic every single day. When you have a matrix report, with multiple values in the columns (a sum, records, average) they used to all be stacked on top of each other. Now, in LEX they are next to each other so if you have more than 8 columns and 3 values, the report becomes unreadable with 24 columns (8 x 3).

2) Bugs

I can’t get through a day without some modal window pop-up asking me to explain what I was doing before it errored out or just throwing some wild error. Granted, I am in Salesforce 8-10 hours a day, but still, it is too buggy for a framework released two years ago.

1) Speed

The number one issue in LEX is without a doubt, (no drumroll needed) speed, or lack of it. This comes in two areas. The first is what I mentioned above in that a lot of tasks that took one click, now take two, or three, or five. The second and much more importantly is everything in LEX is slower to render via the browser. Sometimes it is just a little slower, sometimes it is massively slower, adding 2-3 seconds per page. Add that up over an hour or a day and it is a lot of wasted time. If I really want to get something done, quickly, I go back to Classic.

Do you have other things that keep you in Classic? Let me know @JasonMAtwood or in the Salesforce Success Community.