Summer 20 Ideas Delivered
Summer 20 Ideas Delivered

Summer 20 Ideas Delivered

06/23/2020 by Ashley Leifer
Salesforce again delivers on Ideas from the Trailblazer Community in the Summer ‘20 release.

17 ideas have been delivered in this release. It’s far less than Spring ‘20 (23) and the points are A LOT lower than the last release at 19,900 only (Spring ‘20 was 136,250). Looking at these comparisons, it feels like there hasn’t been as much of an emphasis on ideas being delivered. However, if you look at the IdeaExchange, the collective total points for ideas that are at a status of Pilot/Beta and Partial Delivery look like they’re well over 300,000 points. Now, whether or not they fully get delivered, that’s to be determined… In any case, here’s an abbreviated list of ideas for this release. 

Work Through Lists with Ease Using Split View for Standard Navigation - Tasks already has this capability but now Salesforce is making this available to all objects so long as they are a tab in the navigation bar.  This idea was delivered at only 170 points.

Access Lightning Experience on iPad Devices (Generally Available) - There’s not much more to this other than to say it specifically states it works when using Safari, so, keep that in mind if you’re a big iPad user. Because this had the most points delivered at 10,750 it’s worth mentioning. This Idea was delivered for this capability. 

Create Multi-Step Walkthroughs for In-App Training - This is a great feature to provide step by step guidance for end-users who are onboarding, needing support for multi-step procedures, etc.... The caveat? You have to subscribe to MyTrailhead for the users to see these and that is an additional cost. So just know that before you dive into building these. This idea was delivered at 160 points. 

Test Configuration Changes with Developer Sandbox for Pardot (Generally Available) - If you have Pardot Advanced or Pardot Premium you can now create a developer sandbox for Pardot from a Salesforce FULL sandbox. This idea was the second-highest idea delivered at 4,540 points. 

Trigger a Flow When a Platform Event Message Is Received - I’ve got to include a Flow idea of course since they are gaining so much attention, especially with the revised interface. You can now trigger a flow based on a platform event instead of just starting from UI or Process Builder. This will give a lot more flexibility like triggers on when you can fire off automation. This Idea was delivered at only 160 points for this capability. 

So no big wows in this release but certainly many, what I would consider, “nice to haves”. That’s it for this release as far as the ones I’d like to point out. Stay tuned for the next ideas delivered post in the next release.

Do you have other favorite Ideas delivered in this latest release I didn’t mention? Please feel free to comment directly at me on Twitter @LeiferAshley or in the Trailblazer Community.