Spring 21 Release Highlights
Spring 21 Release Highlights

Spring 21 Release Highlights

01/29/2021 by Ryan Owens
Spring 21 is here -— let’s take a look at some of the great new features that Salesforce’s newest release is bringing us.

Just like that… we’re off to the races in 2021! And just like with every other turn of the new year, the Spring 21 Release Notes are officially out. 2020 provided us with some great releases, and Spring 21 continues the trend. This is a big release and there are a lot of great features - way too many to review at once, but let’s take a look at some items that jumped off the page to me in this new release.

Share Records with Manual Sharing

If this feature is something loved to use in Classic, then be ready for some good news. Prior to this release, you had to switch to Salesforce Classic in order to manually share a record with a specific user or group of users. Spring 21 changes that and now provides users the ability to do the same thing in Lightning. It’s 2021 and Salesforce Classic is very much a thing of the past - this is a small feature with a big impact.

Get More Detailed Information About Your Lightning Page Performance on Desktop

Lightning page performance matters and the faster things load, the better. Spring 21 aims to help administrators address this in a big way by providing stronger insights into each component and the performance breakdown related to them. This is applicable to both desktop and mobile experiences, which is great and will help provide a balanced experience across devices.

Use Lightning Email Templates in Salesforce Automations

Before this release, an admin had to use Salesforce Classic email templates inside of automation. This release changes that and finally allows the use of Lightning email templates in email alerts, flows, workflow rules, process builders, approval processes, and more. It’s about time!

Debug Failed Flows More Easily

Flow has received a massive amount of attention in the past few releases, but there has always been a little bit of a gap when it came to the ease in debugging them. Up until now, you would receive an email and have to sift through a long error message to figure out what went wrong during the flow execution. As of Spring 21 you are still going to receive an error email, but instead of going through a long debug log, you will receive a link. Clicking on that link will take you directly to the flow and provide detailed information right on the flow canvas. This is a big jump.

Hello Experience Cloud, Farewell Community Cloud

More rebranding! This one is important. Community Cloud is a staple of the Salesforce infrastructure and Spring 21 is going to change the way Communities are referenced and accessed. Communities are no longer Communities, they are Experiences.

Refer to the Prior Values of the Record That Triggered Your Flow

This feature is a long time coming! Starting in Spring 21, when a record is updated, you can access that record’s prior values in a flow. As flow continues to push forward and try to make itself Salesforce’s go-to automation tool, this feature helps make the case.

What do you think of the Spring 21 release? Want to share your thoughts? Let me know what you think in the Trailblazer Community, or to me directly via Twitter at @RyanOwensRPO.Categories: Blog, Lightning Experience, Spring 21