Arkus Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow
Arkus Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Arkus Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

10/07/2022 by Jason M. Atwood (he/him)
A look at some of the exciting changes taking place with Arkus and the greater Salesforce ecosystem.

When we started Arkus in 2010, the world and ecosystem of Salesforce was a much different landscape. Salesforce had about 5,000 employees and hadn’t started on this massive company buying spree. As a Salesforce consultancy, we picked our clouds (Sales/Service), aligned ourselves with account executives on the .com and .org sides, and got to work. Our consulting projects were smaller, easier, and with far fewer moving parts. 

Fast forward to the end of 2022 and Salesforce has been very busy. The company now has almost 90,000 employees and has spent the last decade making dozens of acquisitions. The ecosystem is now so full of complex products and platforms, it is hard to keep up. Today's consulting projects involve multiple products with different specialties needed for each one. It is no longer feasible for any one person to know the entire platform or to be able to handle all of the work. It was time for us to adapt.


Our guiding principles to bringing success to our clients have always been and continue to be about keeping things lean and educational. We like to say that we “don’t just throw bodies at problems” and in doing so we deliver better value and velocity to our projects, and ultimately success to our clients. With 2,000 projects completed for 700 clients and 300 reviews, we consider this a success. 

As a company founded in agile methodologies, we have been iterating on this adaptation for the last two years, mostly under the hood. We started with a reorganization of our Arkies (what we call our Arkus employees) into more tightly aligned functional groups. In doing so, we created new roles and titles for career advancement and updated our systems to handle those all the way from sales allocation through services delivery. The needed changes to our internal systems were far and broad, touching almost every process and application we have in place. After all the sprints, deployments, and updates we now have a set of diverse and talented teams that can be allocated to projects, with new systems in place for assigning and picking up work. 


The next piece of the puzzle is what we are rolling out this fall, which is moving our rates and billing from project-based to resource-based. This will allow for continued flexibility in allocation, assignment, and project agility as we deliver on the myriad of new products that already exist or those developed in the future.

From there we have lots of fun things on our roadmap, from delving into exciting new Salesforce clouds, to dipping our toes outside of the ecosystem. We might even have some new products up our sleeves.

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