Don’t Miss These Financial Services Cloud Sessions at Dreamforce '23
Don’t Miss These Financial Services Cloud Sessions at Dreamforce

Don’t Miss These Financial Services Cloud Sessions at Dreamforce '23

08/15/2023 by Kate Lessard
The countdown is on… it is almost time for Dreamforce 2023! Here are our top picks for Financial Services Cloud sessions to add to your agenda.

The Dreamforce agenda can be daunting to go through —there are over 1,150 amazing sessions to choose from over 3 jam-packed days of learning. Don’t you wish you had a curator helping you pick the sessions that are right for you? Look no further. If you are attending Dreamforce to expand your Financial Services Cloud knowledge, this is your guide to the FSC action.

FSC Basics

Are you new to Financial Services Cloud?  Is your work in private wealth management, insurance, or banking? Are you evaluating if FSC is the right solution for your team? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then these Basics sessions are a great place for you to start and gain inspiration from other organization’s success stories. I’d also recommend checking out the Financial Services booths in the Campground. You can get your questions answered and get great demos to see if Financial Services Cloud is right for your organization.

Accelerate Work in Financial Services with Slack 

Learn how to use Slack to adapt to market volatility faster. See how you can accelerate approvals with workflows and maximize your investment in Salesforce by connecting Slack with Customer 360.

Financial Services Keynote: Empower Customer Success 

Learn how Financial Services GPT leverages generative AI and real-time data to deliver better outcomes for your customers and policyholders responsibly.

Financial Services Cloud Roadmap 

Get a sneak peek at what’s coming soon to Financial Services Cloud. Learn how AI and other new capabilities can help you drive efficiency at scale while exceeding customers’ expectations.

Ready to Take FSC to the Next Level

Have you done a Financial Services Cloud implementation and are wondering what is next? Dive into data, automation, and hands-on sessions to take your business to the next level.

Build Your Data Strategy for Financial Services Cloud 

Learn how financial services institutions are solving one of their biggest challenges — data. Plan your data strategy and understand how Financial Services Cloud, MuleSoft, and Data Cloud fit in.

Adapt Prebuilt Financial Processes in Service Process Studio 

If you’re ready to get hands-on, this is the session for you. Bring your laptop and be sure to sign up in advance because space is limited in these sessions.  With out-of-the-box capabilities and low-code configuration, building an automated service process in Financial Services Cloud is easy. Join for a hands-on session to prove it.

Unlock the Full Power of Financial Services Cloud 

Join Salesforce’s Jodi Wagner, along with trailblazing customers and partners, to discuss the opportunities around adopting FSC. Learn about engaging partners, roadmapping effectively, managing maintenance costs, and more.


Looking for banking specific sessions? Here are some of the session we don’t want to miss:

Elevate Acquisition: Salesforce for Banking and Wealth 

See how Salesforce empowers customer acquisition, enabling precise demand generation and product matching. Deliver delightful experiences, boost revenue, reduce cost & increase customer satisfaction.

Fueling Growth, Efficiency, and Mutual Success in Banking 

Discover the strategies community banks and credit unions use to fuel growth & efficiency, and create mutual success for their customers or members. Explore innovative ideas that drive true results.

Ameris Bank: The Salesforce Success Story 

Dawn McKendry, IT Learning and Development Team Lead at Ameris Bank, shares key insights into how Ameris Bank drove Salesforce adoption and increased sales efficiency with the help of Whatfix.


Don’t forget about insurance. Do you work for a carrier or broker? These are don’t miss sessions in the insurance sector:

Data-Driven Distribution Management for Carriers & Agencies 

Maximize distribution management with intelligent data and strategic insights. Hear how to optimize distribution strategies to unlock sustainable growth.

Low Code, Fast Start: Creating a New Insurance Business 

Financial services companies are increasingly looking to build or acquire bolt-on businesses beyond their core products. Learn how to leverage BPaaS to create a new pet insurance bolt-on business.

Insurance Customer Service in the Age of AI 

Insurance carriers and brokers must balance AI and automation with human interaction to maintain customer trust and satisfaction. Hear the latest trends in service and best practices for insurers.

If AI is on the Brain

AI is the big ticket item this Dreamforce and there are tons of sessions on how an AI world impacts Financial Services. Be sure to check out these sessions:

Become a Data-Driven Financial Firm with AI + Data + CRM 

Learn how the financial services industry is using Data Cloud and AI to deliver real-time insights to drive productivity and deepen customer relationships.

Enterprise RevOps: Challenges & Data Needs in an AI World 

Revenue ops is a critical function in a world increasingly reliant on AI. Learn how leading organizations are deploying people, processes and data to address perennial challenges & new opportunities.

5 Steps to Trusted Generative AI 

Create a trusted foundation for responsible, sustainable, and ethical generative AI practices with Shield, Security Center, and more.

Go Plan Your Schedule

With 82 sessions featuring Financial Services at this Dreamforce - you won’t be at a loss for great content. Use this carefully curated list and the Dreamforce session descriptions above to help you choose how to best spend your time at Dreamforce 2023.

What sessions are you most excited about at this Dreamforce? Tell me on the Salesforce Trailblazer Community, or tweet at me @salesforceK8 or connect with Arkus on LinkedIn.