iPhone: The Clone Wars
The iPhone Wars

iPhone: The Clone Wars

01/19/2011 by Larry Salvatoriello
The iPhone is now available on the Verizon network. Here are some thoughts about how this might impact the marketplace and will it have a negative or positive effect on the service of both Verizon and AT&T.

Last week the world was introduced to the iPhone on the Verizon network. As a former Verizon customer who moved to AT&T for the iPhone I thought it would be good to provide a little insight as to whether it's time to jump ship again. I broke out the comparison into three key areas to consider.

No New Features

Based on the press release, the actual features of the iPhone on Verizon are really no different then the one on AT&T. So for those hoping for more features and functions, you will have to wait for the next version of the iPhone, probably coming in Summer. The only thing that was changed of note is the design to avoid the "Death Grip" issue. I personally never had an issue and actually got a free case out of the deal.

Better Phone Service

As a former Verizon customer I used to think hands down that Verizon had a leg up on AT&T and would cause a mass exodus for existing iPhone owners. Now, I'm not so sure. Since being on AT&T, I have to admit that it's not a real problem. I've had limited dropped calls and AT&T provided us with one of their Micro Cells to solve the "No Service" issue in my office. It's still dumbfounding to me that in the heart of Time Square I cannot get good service and we will see if the Micro Cell works out. The phone has nothing to do with the no service but does it have something to do with dropped calls? I've heard some people say that every time an iPhone is activated, a dropped call occurs. If that is the case, what will happen with it on Verizon? And do they have the right plan in place to solve it? Only time will tell. If you are gonna jump, maybe wait a few months to see what others experience.

Speed, Speed and More Speed

Times have changed. Everyone is now mobile and the need for data services is greater then ever. Texting someone is much quicker then calling and why pull out a laptop and click away when I can touch a button on my phone to change my Facebook status. In a recent article in PC World, they tested the two phones and AT&T actually "trounced" their rivals in the thirteen urban areas they tested. In addition, AT&T tested 90% reliability in 10 of the 13 urban areas tested and Verizon didn't score 90% in any. That is pretty impressive and I want my data fast, fast, and faster. Also remember that AT&T technology allows for both voice and data at the same time, while Verizon does not. This might be a deal breaker for some.

I don't see myself changing networks anytime soon. If AT&T can keep winning the data war, I see no reason to move unless there is some new feature I can't live without. I'm also curious to see the release schedule for the iPhone upgrades and also how the price will be affected. Rumors have the next iPhone being built with the ability to handle all networks, so you won't have to buy another handset to switch carriers. With Sprint rumored to get it in February of 2011, the competition could get even more fierce. For now, AT&T is my choice.