New Product Versions Available
New Product Versions Available

New Product Versions Available

10/25/2012 by Roger Mitchell
New versions of Compliance Locker and The Permissioner are available now on AppExchange, packed with new features and functionality.

Summer is coming to a close, and just in time for our release of the latest versions of our two free applications: Compliance Locker and The Permissioner. Compliance Locker is an installable package to log Chatter activity for compliance purposes, and The Permissioner enables administrators to handle Permission Sets assignments with ease.

Compliance Locker

Compliance Locker (previously known as Compliance for Chatter) now supports greater capturing capabilities for new Salesforce Chatter features, and a few additions to assist administrators and compliance officers with collecting historical data and preventing posts of a certain nature.

  • Archiving any unlogged Chatter activity in a batch job
  • Word censoring or blocking for Chatter posts
  • Separate retention policies for Chatter activity and related compliance records
  • Logging of Chatter Messages & Customer Group activity
  • Email integration only by not creating compliance records in Salesforce


The Permissioner

Based on user feedback and changes to the platform, the latest version of The Permissioner features new functionality and performance enhancements that enables administrators to process up to 2,000 assignments in a fast and efficient manner.

  • Mass revocation of Permission Sets assignments
  • Searching across object & field level security
  • Support for Global Permission Sets, generally available in Winter ‘13
  • Utilize Apex DML to process assignments and revocations


If you have test driven or installed either Compliance Locker or The Permissioner and would like to leave us a review on the AppExchange, we would love to hear from you on our listings. Also, if you can think of any features that you would like us to build into future release, send an email to or tweet @ArkusSupport and we will look to include these in our roadmap.