Summer 12 Hard Core
Summer 12 Hard Core

Summer 12 Hard Core

05/10/2012 by Jason M. Atwood (he/him)
A look at some of the core features that is planning in the Summer 12 release.

Last week @JustEdelstein took on the rapid reaction to the Summer 12 release notes, this week I will take a bite out of the core and play some fan service to the core features.


Reparenting Child Records

We could call this one the “adoption” as the long awaited feature hits us in Summer 12. As all Administrators know, before now if you had child record in a master-detail relationship, that record could not be moved over to another parent, it has to be deleted and recreated. With Summer 12 a new “Allow Reparenting” checkbox on a master-detail relationship configuration screen will allow you to move the child record to a new parent record. This will save a lot of time going forward and is a great addition to the core.


Administrator Logins

Another Administrator headache solved in Summer 12 is the ability to set an org wide setting allowing administrators to login as users without having to ask for permission. Right now the admin has to ask the user to go in and give you explicit permission which can be hard to explain and time consuming, involving many clicks and detailed instructions. In the next release you can set this at the org level and login as any user at anytime. Remember to contact to get it enabled as it won’t be on by default.


Setup Recent Items

The ten most recent records in the sidebar is one of my favorite features of Salesforce and now it is coming to the setup screens. In Summer 12,  if you are working with objects, fields, apps, tabs or users they will show up in a recent items list while in the setup area. This will make configuration much easier and avoid a lot of unnecessary clicks.


Tab & Apps in Permission Sets

You know we here at Arkus love our Permission Sets so it is no surprise we are excited by new permissions for tabs and applications coming to this great feature. In Summer 12 you will be able to specify both apps and tabs in permission sets and assign those to different users giving even more granular control of what a user can see and do. Don’t forget to try our free AppExchange application, The Permissioner which allows you to assign multiple permission sets to multiple users. (sorry for the plug)


SMS Identity Confirmation

While we have always had the ability to have emails sent when confirming identity for a new browser, Summer 12 brings us another channel. After you have verified your mobile number Salesforce will use either email or SMS to send you the identification code to login. While most mobile phones have emails now, SMS is a great option for users who want it to come faster and not be with the other 100 unread emails.


If you would like to continue talk about the Summer 12 release notes or provide feedback you can do that below, @JasonMAtwood or on our Facebook page.