Non-Profit Resources at Dreamforce 13
Non-Profit Resources at Dreamforce 13

Non-Profit Resources at Dreamforce 13

10/30/2013 by Sylvia Cabral
Highlighting some exciting topics, sessions, and meet ups that Non-profit organizations can look forward to at Dreamforce 2013. Learn best practices, tips and techniques that will help you better leverage what Salesforce has to offer.

Mobile & Social Applications

Accessing the Salesforce platform via mobile application has become easier to use and literally puts Salesforce at a user’s fingertips wherever he or she is. Hear how non-profit organizations are utilizing social and mobile applications to support their programs and services.

Fundraising & Donation Management

Fundraising and Donation management is a critical component to nonprofit success. Learn how organizations are using Salesforce to support fundraising efforts and standardizing the donation cycle, managing members, donors and events.

Maximizing Salesforce (Start ups/Small Businesses)

If you are a startup or small business and want to hear ways that Salesforce can help grow your company or increase the efficiency of your current processes, check out these sessions. These non-profits will share what made them successful and how they used Salesforce to reach their goals. Also, see what top AppExhange applications have proven to be a great addition to non-profit organizations.

Salesforce Administrator Support & Managing Data

As an administrator of Salesforce at a non-profit organization, you may be facing the implementation of much needed processes and operations with very limited resources and competing priorities. There will be sessions at Salesforce that will provide tips on how to approach the work and better maximize the capabilities of Salesforce so you’re able to focus on other priorities. Also, learn specific techniques to help with managing and migrating your data.

Connecting with Other Non-Profits

Dreamforce provides opportunities to not only meet up with other non-profits but opportunities to also connect directly with nonprofits in your same field. These are casual settings that provide a forum for everyone to mingle, share best practices and ask questions.

Take full advantage of the many Non-profit focused sessions that Dreamforce is offering this year. If the session(s) listed above are full, check out the other sessions available for non-profits by filtering for Non-Profit on the Sessions page on the Dreamforce site. Be sure to bookmark your sessions and follow them in Chatter. You can also attend the many open Keynote sessions and visit the Cloud Expo where companies will be showing new Salesforce features and services. Regardless of what you attend, you will definitely walk away with tips, tricks, best practices, techniques that you can begin to implement at your organization.

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