Top 10 Reasons to go to Dreamforce 13
Top 10 Reasons to go to Dreamforce 13

Top 10 Reasons to go to Dreamforce 13

10/15/2013 by Larry Salvatoriello
Here is a look at the top ten reasons to go to Dreamforce 2013.

The largest vendor-led technology conference in the world is scheduled to hit the streets of San Francisco on November 18th, 2013. Dreamforce ‘13 is right around the corner and there is no better way to kick-off the holiday season then to hear about what is new in the world of Cloud Computing with 120,000+ other Salesforce disciples. For the 3rd year in a row, here are the top ten reasons to attend this event.

#10 Leadership Pass

If you are looking for more of a VIP treatment at Dreamforce, the new Leadership Pass might be right up your alley. For a $1,000 upgrade, you will get priority seating for the Keynotes and Gala, access to a VIP lounge and exclusive access to workshops, roundtables and industry discussions. Not to mention an amazing networking opportunity. If interested, you can sign-up here.

#9 Cloud Expo Expansion

The Dreamforce Campus grows bigger and bigger each year and this year it will be no different. One of the areas of growth will be the Cloud Expo Hall. There will actually be two Cloud Expo Halls in Moscone this year that will host many of the 350 partners of Salesforce. Always a great place to get information on products new and old and Salesforce did us a favor keeping them relatively close to each other. Feel free to swing by the Arkus booth and say hi.

#8 The Gala

The Gala last year which had the Red Hot Chili Peppers play on the steps of Town Hall was a pretty amazing experience. This year, Salesforce has gotten AT&T Park to be the venue and Green Day to be the band. I feel this is a downgrade in band (personal preference) from Metallica and the Chili Peppers but it should not disappoint. It can get really cold there so remember to bring a jacket.

#7 Swag

Each year partners get creative and reinvent the word SWAG (Stuff We All Get). With Two Expo Halls this year, I can only imagine what will be offered. Last year we saw some really neat giveaways and free refreshments! I believe I saw people handing out popcorn and beer at one point. For us with children, make sure you have some extra space in your suitcase.

#6 Keynotes

We are all looking forward to hearing what exciting new things Marc Benioff and Salesforce will unleash at the main keynote but having the opportunity to hear two of the most powerful woman in business Marissa Mayer the CEO of Yahoo and Sheryl Sandberg the COO of Facebook and best selling author speak should not disappoint. It is my understanding that Sheryl will be speaking about her best selling book Lean In which should be an amazing learning experience.

#5 Exercise

I cannot recall the last time I walked that much in a four day period. With Dreamforce expanding even more this year and the likelihood of never seeing any of those shuttles they promised, I am sure I am up for another workout. Make sure you get some comfy shoes and a heartrate monitor.

#4 The Plaza

Last year Salesforce shut down Howard St for the week and created “The Plaza” which provided a comfortable place to sit (beanbags were great!) to have a meeting, catch some lunch and check out some great local bands. Salesforce confirmed “The Plaza” is back with some new fun things and considering it might be a tad colder than last year, they assured us we would get the warmth we need.

#3 Reunion

This is one of two on the list that will never change. Each year we get to meet new people from around the world who share the love for Salesforce and other things. This is a great time and place to reconnect with friends old and new. I cannot tell you how many friends I have that the relationship started at Dreamforce.

#2 Deepak and Friends

Last year Tony Robbins descended on Dreamforce for an uplifting three hour motivation keynote. How can you top that? Well how about a few of the people that have influenced Tony. I love that Marc and Salesforce have added this self help segment to Dreamforce and are keeping it going this year. On the last day of the conference Deepak Chopra and friends will spiritually lift you before you journey back to reality. Deepak definitely has a different approach, so for those who were intimidated by Tony last year, this should be a little more mellow. And in addition to Deepak, he apparently is bringing some friends which one I am very excited about Dr. Wayne Dyer. This should be a great way to end to end the conference!

#1 Education

This will always be the top reason for going to Dreamforce no matter what. If Salesforce is critical to your business or if you are thinking about it, this conference is a must for you. You get access to over 1,000 sessions, hands on trainings, certifications, blueprint clinics and other educational opportunities.

Another year and another top ten reasons to go. If you would like to discuss this further or need help planning our your week, please feel free to hit me up in the Dreamforce portal or tweet at me at