Under Consideration IdeaExchange Ideas Worth a Vote
Under Consideration IdeaExchange Ideas Worth a Vote

Under Consideration IdeaExchange Ideas Worth a Vote

04/02/2013 by Larry Salvatoriello
A list of “Under Consideration” Ideas on the Salesforce.com IdeaExchange that have been outstanding for more than a year and worth a look and a vote.

Salesforce.com offers their clients new functionality three times a year. What makes this release cycle even better is that many of the new features and functions are determined by the feedback of the community.  This feedback can be given on the IdeaExchange where users can submit ideas on how to enhance the product and the community can vote and comment on them.  Salesforce.com actively monitors these requests and provides status updates. You can see Ideas based on a number of criteria like “Under Consideration” which means a potential release of this feature could be coming soon to accepted Ideas that have been recently released in the last three releases.  (Side note, feel free to check out this session from Dreamforce 2012 called IdeaExchange: Under the Covers for some insights into how they manage the process internally as well as how some community leaders interact with the IdeaExchange.) Here are a few “Under Consideration” Ideas that have been out there for more than a year and could use some voter love to get them over the hump.

CHATTER - filter my own personal actions and remove them from my feed

2500+ Points

The primary basis for this request is to allow for better filtering of Chatter and in particular the ability to remove your own Chatter from your feed.  I am a huge fan of this idea because as someone who does posts a lot of Chatter it is time consuming to scroll through all of my own posts to get to the ones posted by other people that are just as important, if not more for me to respond to.  As the comments and other merged ideas suggest, it shouldn’t stop here.  Other filtering ability like removing auto-updates would be very beneficial and a time saver.  I would love to see Chatter filtering just like List Views to remove the Chatter Spam.

Alphabetize the setup options (or at least organize it a bit better)

4500+ Points

Have you ever wondered why the setup options on the Administration Setup Screen seem so random? This one is for you.  After three years of being a Salesforce.com Administrator I still have not gotten used to this setup options list and find myself hunting for what I am looking for. The quick find feature has certainly helped in this regard but alphabetizing the list just make sense and is something that should have happened a long time ago.

Increase number of Chatter Objects one can Follow

5800+ Points

Running into Chatter limits? Here is a request to increase the 500 things a user can follow limit whether it be People or Records. This limit was ok in the early days of Chatter but not anymore. When you throw in the Auto-Follow feature for records that you create you will find yourself at the limit in no time and unless you install a product to mass unfollow or use the data loader which not all of us has access too, it becomes a very time consuming process.  Chatter has become a key feature and there shouldn’t be a limit on it.  The good news is that you can request a limit increase by entering a case as mentioned in the comments of this Idea.  Thank You Salesforce!

Reports and Dashboard Folders to USERS Too!

1950+ Points

Here is an Idea for allowing visibility on Reports and Dashboard Folders to be on user level.  Currently this can only be given to Roles, Public Groups or Roles and Subordinates. I have had times where I wanted to give access to a folder to only one or two users and had to create a public group.  Great Idea that would save a little time and decrease the number of public groups.

So here was a list of four “Under Consideration” Ideas that have been outstanding for more than a year and worth a look.  If you like them, please go vote for them.  The more votes, the greater chance they get implemented. Even if these don’t excite you, please go to the IdeaExchange and look around for some some ideas that do excite you and vote.

If you would like to discuss further or if you have an idea you would like to get some love please tweet at me at www.twitter.com/Salvatoriello or comment below.