Banking Resources at Dreamforce 14
Banking Resources at Dreamforce '14

Banking Resources at Dreamforce 14

10/07/2014 by Jason M. Atwood (he/him)
A look at some banking specific resources at Dreamforce 14 in San Francisco next week.

With over a hundred thousand attendees and thousands of breakout sessions, it can be a lot to navigate. Let's cut through and pick some sessions and resources that might scratch the itch of the greater banking community.

Banking Related Sessions

Securing The Salesforce1 Platform Mobile Workforce

Salesforce1 Mobile is a great tool with tons of features but if it doesn't get by your IT and compliance groups, it isn't of much use. Use this session as a way of figuring out the best ways to secure it better and learn from customers who have already done it.

Getting Started with Security
Sticking with the security theme, come to this session to learn how to lock down (and maybe open up) data so everyone can see and do what they need, but no more.

FinServ Spotlight - OneUnited Bank

If you missed Salesforce1 Boston Tour, this is a great chance to see how OneUnited Bank is using the platform in a very unique and interesting way. Don't show up thinking you are going to see your traditional CRM implementation.

Building Culture: It's Bigger than Salesforce

While not specific to the banking industry we have seen lots of clients leverage and more specifically Chatter to bring the entire bank together as both a group and as a customer focused organization. This session will cover a lot of best practices and give some great examples to bring back and implement.

AppExchange for Financial Services: Financial Services App Evolution

The AppExchange is "all growns up" now and the Financial Service section is getting bigger and better. Come to this session to find the next set of useful applications that might scratch your banking itch.

Vertical Market Strategy: How nCino Empowers Bank Employees to Bring the Branch

Keeping on the AppExchange theme sign up for this session to see the full nCino product suite and how they are changing the way people think about loan origination systems with a 100% native solution.

The Successful Bank of the Future

Success is just a session away. Stroll into this popular session and take a peek into the future to see where banks are going using Salesforce as their muse.

Lead & Referral Banking Solution Overview

If you have been following this blog for awhile you know we have covered different options for referral management in the past so use this session to get more hands on or ask the questions that a blog post won't answer.

Use User Groups

The final piece to the puzzle and best way to get involved in Dreamforce 14 is user groups which are great places to get some advice or share great sessions. Check out the Financial Services User Group and the Community Bank User Group both in the Success Community. Share the session you are excited about or see what others are up to.

If you have other great sessions that I might have missed leave them in the comments below, post them in the groups above or just hit me up @JasonMAtwood