Clone This User - Duplicates You'll Love
Introducing Clone This User

Clone This User - Duplicates You'll Love

10/12/2014 by Justin Edelstein
Introducing Clone This User (CTU) for Salesforce and Salesforce1 Mobile at Dreamforce '14. Clone This User allows administrators to easily clone Salesforce users from existing users from the desktop and mobile experience creating "Duplicates You’ll Love".

Clone This User is another great free tool from Arkus for Salesforce System Administrators. Following on the great success of The Permissioner we decided to build out a utility that allows a system admin to clone a user from an existing user including all of their associated information. Administrators can do this all from inside their Salesforce1 Mobile application or using a custom link on the User record.

It’s really simple to use and we believe it’s the fastest way to create a new Salesforce User, especially when given the instructions to “make this new user just like this other user”. We took that use case and decided that with a few easy clicks cloning a user can be accomplished.

Use Case

Imagine being on your morning commute on the train and getting a high importance email from a sales manager. They let you know that there is a new employee starting today and they need to be setup inside of Salesforce for their training. This is a typical request and often times it happens last minute. With Clone This User all you need as an administrator is the new user’s name and email address and the simple answer to the question of who should this new user be setup similar to. Then open up your Salesforce1 Mobile app and clone the user with a few simple steps.

Here are the steps to clone a user in Salesforce:

  1. Open up Clone This User
  2. Search for the user you are cloning 
  3. Click on the user you are cloning
  4. Enter the new user’s first name, last name, and email address
  5. Optionally change the new user’s username, alias, and nickname
  6. Click Clone!

It’s that simple to create a new user from an existing one. Here is a list of all the things that Clone This User actually clones over to the new user:


  • Call Center
  • Company
  • Email Encoding
  • Manager
  • Language
  • Locale
  • Profile
  • Role
  • Timezone
  • User
  • Marketing User
  • Offline User
  • Flow User
  • Salesforce1 User
  • Salesforce CRM Content User
  • Development Mode
  • Allow Forecasting
  • Receive Salesforce CRM Content Alerts
  • Receive Salesforce CRM Content Alerts as Daily Digest
  • Knowledge User
  • Address
  • Newsletter
  • Admin Newsletter
  • Contribution User
  • Publisher User
  • Monthly Addition Limit
  • Delegated Approver

Related Information

  • Permission Set Assignments
  • Permission Set License Assignments
  • Public Group Membership
  • Queue Membership

You can install Clone This User today from the AppExchange or go to to install. Clone This User creates Duplicates You’ll Love!

Please feel free to comment below, on the Salesforce Success Community, on our Facebook page, or directly at me on Twitter @JustEdelstein.