Salesforce Objects as Superheroes
Salesforce Objects as Superheroes

Salesforce Objects as Superheroes

04/06/2016 by Jason M. Atwood (he/him)
Taking a look at some of the standard object heroes (villains might be in another blog post, safe harbor) of Salesforce and how they relate to superheroes.

I spend a lot of time making analogies between Salesforce and relatable concepts while doing implementations or training and one that has always kinda tickled my funny bone is the relationship to superheroes. There are a ton of standard objects that Salesforce ships with out of the box but here are just a few. Apologies in advance for not going too far out of the DC/Marvel universe.

Hulk - Cases

The Hulk is known for smashing "HULK Smash" but it isn't that quality of him that I see in Cases, it is his ability to go from mild mannered Bruce Banner to unstoppable force. When you first look at Cases, they are simple, a few fields, a pick list or two, and they don't look like they can do much. If you look under the hood (or get them angry) they are actually very powerful. They can come in through the web/email, have built in escalation, and built in assignment rules. They, like the Hulk, can also get very powerful holding up entire business processes with ease in terms of scaling with volume.

Thor - Opportunities

Some might find Thor a little strange, but he is from a distant universe (try explaining Opportunities to someone new to Salesforce) and is very powerful. He has his mighty hammer (Stages) but is also complex, being a God and all. Opportunities are the God of objects. They get all the attention, have a lot of power and are sometimes hard to work with (Looking at you Sales Process). They, like Thor, can be totally ignored but in a pinch it is good to have them on your side. As a side note, does that make Loki Opportunity Products?

Superman - Accounts

Speaking of distant planets and all powerful superheroes, enter in the cornerstone of standard objects, the Account. The Account might look like a simple thing, with glasses and not much flare, but pull out all of the stops and there is no more powerful object (IMHO). From Teams, to Sharing, to just being totally unavoidable, Accounts are as old as dirt and never going away (like all of the Superman sequels). Do they have a kryptonite? You guessed it: Person Accounts.

Batman - Contacts

Pick your Batman, any Batman. Late 60s campy to 90s dark to current darker. Batman is just a mortal man, no real superpowers, but such a great character. Like his counterpart (Superman), Contacts and Accounts don't always get along (Person Accounts) but we all know who is the winner. Contacts don't have a ton of built in features (powers) but give them a bat cave (AppExchange) and they can do a ton more.

A Sequel?

So many more objects and superheroes to go so let us know below how I did and if this box office is big enough for a sequel. You can also drop a comment on Facebook or in the Success Community or in my secret fortress of solitude of @JasonMAtwood.