Top Tools for Nonprofits 2.0

03/23/2016 by Mariel Espinal
An updated list of tools that nonprofit organizations can greatly benefit from. For the most part these tools do offer discounts and help organizations focus on their mission by making the day to day tasks a little less tedious and more streamlined.



FormAssembly is a tool that allows users to create an unlimited number of fully customizable forms, surveys, registration forms and almost any other type of form you can think of. They have a very helpful and easy to reach support system, which is just one chat away. FormAssembly also offers automation and other options to manipulate behavior of the form. You have the option to leverage Autoresponder, Save Progress, workflow and validation features as well as formulas for great user experience and optimal data quality. Nonprofits can use FormAssembly to manage volunteer sign ups, or even accept online donations as it allows for secure payment collection. 


Classy is a fairly new online mobile fundraising and donation platform that has been around since 2011. It is flexible and can be leveraged for multiple types of fundraising including peer to peer. It can also serve as an event ticketing and registration tool. Some of the features that Classy stands out for is the user friendly interface that allows customization of all communication materials, which can ultimately eliminate the need of a graphic designer. Another feature that seems to be a user favorite is an activity feed that keeps history of all communications, which can be a great resource to help cultivate relationships with donors and prospects. Lastly, it is designed to be mobile ready which is a huge plus in my opinion especially nowadays in this on the go world we live in. Classy is also available to be integrated with Salesforce.



iContact is an email marketing solution that has a native integration with Salesforce. This system allows users to send emails directly from Salesforce by leveraging Campaigns. Once the email has been sent out, statistics are made available directly on the record, which can be extremely efficient for marketing purposes. iContact has pre-built dashboards which allows users to view open rates, click rates, unsubscribed rates and other analytics. Users across the board seem to like like how Intuitive it is and mainly how well it works within Salesforce. Chances are if you know how to use Salesforce, sending emails using iContact will be breeze. iContact is available for Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer and Performance editions.


I could spend days writing about the other helpful tools that nonprofits are leveraging day to day to get the job done. Do you have any other favorite tools that you just could not live without? Feel free to share them on the Salesforce Success Community, on our Facebook page, or directly at me on Twitter @msespinal90.