Top Ideas on the IdeaExchange Spring 21
Top Ideas on the IdeaExchange Spring 21

Top Ideas on the IdeaExchange Spring 21

02/25/2021 by Ryan Owens
Let’s take a look at what’s up next for Salesforce to deliver on the IdeaExchange.

2020 delivered on one thing, and that was great releases throughout the year. Each release provided us with a lot of great features and delivered on many ideas. As always, the IdeaExchange community continues to think of and propose some great ideas. Let’s review some of my top ideas that are up for voting.

Ability to Report on Users' Permission Set Assignments

This is a popular idea on the IdeaExchange. Being able to report on who has what Permission Sets assigned to them will go a long way in assisting with user management. Pairing this with the ability to mass assign and revoke permissions with The Permissioner? Yes please.

Eliminate Need for Master-Detail Relationship for Roll-Ups

This would be a great enhancement to have delivered. Sometimes, a master-detail relationship just doesn’t make sense and you need to look to a third-party tool for roll-up summaries. Delivering on this feature would increase the flexibility architects have when designing a build and also make their lives a little easier.

Workflow Email Alerts to Contacts Should Be Recordable as Activity History

Another popular idea! Sometimes, ideas just make a lot of sense and the idea that email alerts delivered to a person should be logged inside of their activity history is one of them. Hopefully this is an idea that makes it into one of the upcoming releases.

Ability to Report on Who Subscribes to Reports

Having the ability to audit who has actually subscribed to a report or dashboard will help ensure that the right users are receiving the subscriptions they are supposed to. There are a lot of benefits to implementing this idea. Right now, the best workaround is an AppExchange package - Salesforce should have this built in.

Enable In-App Guidance for Communities

How great would it be to promote new features, news, and enhancements to Community users? I am surprised this has not been delivered yet. There are a ton of possibilities for this one and it’s absolutely something that should be delivered.

Related List Sorting - More Than One Choice

A repeat selection! This is a great idea that made an appearance on this post last year, but has yet to get implemented. Being able to sort a related list by more than one choice would be a game changing feature for related lists and their usability.

What do you think of these ideas? What else do you think should be added or improved upon? Share your ideas or thoughts with me in the Trailblazer Community, or to me directly via Twitter at @RyanOwensRPO.