Winter 21 Ideas Delivered

Winter 21 Ideas Delivered

11/06/2020 by Ashley Leifer
Salesforce again delivers on Ideas from the Trailblazer Community in the Winter ‘21 release.

28 ideas have been delivered in this release. It’s more than Summer ‘20 (17) and the points are A LOT more than the last release at a whopping 200,520 (Summer ‘20 was 19,900). Just a reminder that Salesforce really does pay attention to the Ideas people post and vote on. For now, here’s an abbreviated list of ideas for this release. 

Subscribe to Get Report Results Delivered by Email (Generally Available) — Let’s start with the highest point winner of this release at 94,370 points! Now subscribe and receive in your email either an xlsx or csv report. In the subscription setup select Attach file then select either a formatted report or details only.  This idea was delivered (and only posted 11 years ago). 

Auto Add Fields to Custom Report Types (Beta) — In beta but I say YAY! How many times have you created a field on an object only to forget to add it to your custom report type when trying to build a new report….ummm….many? Well now it looks like we’ll have the option to add to a custom report type when we are creating the field!  This Idea was delivered AND only 12 years old at 21,100 points. 

Trigger a Flow to Run Before a Record Is Deleted — This is worth mentioning because the idea was partially delivered at 24,980 points. You can now activate a record-triggered flow that runs before the record is deleted. A good example is a custom rollup field on a parent object that would need to be manually re-calculated when the child object is deleted, use a flow now to calculate before the child object is deleted.  This idea was delivered and is 5 years old. 

Create Engaging Email Content with Ease — For all those Pardot Marketers out there, Salesforce has given the email editor a bit of UI love. The new Email Content entity is available for Pardot users from the App Launcher. Create an email content record from the Email Content tab and add components and design elements from the record. Creating an email from a template populates the email Subject and HTML Body fields from the template.  This idea was not the highest points delivered at 9,050 but boy is your Marketing team going to be happy! 

Interactively Create Engaging Email Templates — I know this is the second idea related to emails but I had to add because of the Ideas name, literally called “An Email Template Editor that Doesn’t Suck”...LOL. But super cool, now you can use an Email Template builder to create templates that work like a drag and drop builder similar to the Lightning App Builder. This Idea was delivered at 5,860 points. 

So there’s more of course but that’s it for this release as far as the ones I’d like to point out. Stay tuned for the next ideas delivered post in the next release.

Do you have other favorite Ideas delivered in this latest release I didn’t mention? Please feel free to comment directly at me on Twitter @LeiferAshley or in the Trailblazer Community.