Expo Apps That Stood Out
Dreamforce 13 Cloud Expo

Expo Apps That Stood Out

12/11/2013 by Sylvia Cabral
The Dreamforce 13 Expos were no doubt packed with a ton of great apps and products to compliment the features that Salesforce already has to offer. But there were a few that definitely stood out with their energetic staff, visual presentations and exciting demos of their apps that would be great to highlight.

Informatica Cloud Integration - 4.8 Stars with 609 Reviews

This data management app accessible on AppExchange is a comprehensive and extensive data migration and integration tool. It can pull data from any resource and integrate it with Salesforce. The demo showed that it has a super easy, user-friendly feel with a dynamic user interface on their site that allows you to select any object and fields where you want to grab and move data (source and target environments). Informatica has several other useful apps so also check out Master Data Management, Data Loader for Salesforce, and Process Automation all rated above a 4.5 on the AppExchange.

Birst Analytics - 4.5 Stars with 11 Reviews

With the addition of Buckets, Analytic Snapshots, and Joined Reports, reporting in Salesforce has definitely gotten a lot easier and has allowed more dynamic reporting. However, there are apps on the AppExchange that can allow for an even more comprehensive view of all of the data. Birst’s visuals on the expo floor showed how their app can not only do advanced analytics but also pull data from multiple data sources to get very elaborate, intricate reports and dashboards to fully meet the needs of the business.

Cloudingo - 4.8 Star with 87 Reviews

Data quality is so keen to having powerful analytics to drive decisions. One of the biggest pain points has been having duplicate records (leads, contacts, accounts) in Salesforce. Cloudingo is one of the few apps that primarily focuses on deduping records and, with such high ratings on the AppExchange, is proving to be a great resource to help with deduping data. It will cleanse your entire existing database and help prevent dupes during mass imports. If you are plagued with duplicates, as many of us are, this is definitely an app worth checking out.

Box - 4.5 Stars with 95 Reviews

If you are looking for a way to manage very large amount of documents, check out Box on the AppExchange. The reps on at the expo floor provided great demos showing how the app takes the best of File and Content and provides unlimited, secure storage that can be easily shared and accessed. It allows for internal and external file sharing and the documents are fully encrypted in Salesforce and in transit. The content can also be accessed from any device including mobile.


Work Relay - On AppExhange January 2014

Work Relay provides another way to manage processes but specifically for the Salesforce1 platform. Even with all of the workflows, validations, and auto-reminders, some processes require several dots to be connected as well as flexibility to connect multiple processes when needed. The visuals of how to create smooth processes immediately stood out at their booth and in learning more, Work Relay sounds like a great app for building process solutions using Force.com and is designed to help users build solutions that will help them maximize and leverage Salesforce1. So, if you’re already diving fully into using Salesforce1 to manage processes, take a look and see if Work Relay can help with this transition.

Definitely check out these apps on the AppExchange or directly on their websites. It is great to have so many options and is worth taking time to review them to see what is the best fit for the needs of your company. Managing data integration, data quality, documents, analytics and processes is no small feat but it helps to know that there are apps out there making it much easier for you.

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