The Community Banking User Group
The Community Banking User Group

The Community Banking User Group

12/20/2013 by dconnors
A look at the new Salesforce User Group for the Community Bank vertical.

As Salesforce adoption increases across the Community Banking industry collaboration in a Success Community will be important for sharing best practices. Community banks focus on gathering deposits from the communities they serve and then lending back to those communities. In this way they leverage their ability to create strong relationships with their customers through personalized service. We created the Community Banking User group in the Success community for these banks to share best practices. The following is a brief look into the user group and how community banks can benefit from this forum.

The Salesforce Community Banking User group

This forum was created with the goal of strengthening the community of Community Banking Salesforce users. It’s a little different than other Salesforce User Groups since it’s a vertical group as opposed to a regional group. Regional groups tend to be located in the same place therefore they can meet in person, this group meets online and welcomes users across the Community Banking vertical into the fold. As banks further increase their technological focus to better service their customers it is important to have a place to share.

We had our inaugural online User Group meet-up on 12/04/2013 using ReadyTalk. ReadyTalk is a reliable, easy-to-use web conferencing and international audio conferencing services designed for online meetings and webinars. During this meet-up we discussed the happenings, insights, and products revealed at Dreamforce 13 as well as watched a demo of the OneUnited Bank custom credit card application. Moving forward we will discuss release readiness as new Salesforce releases become generally available and continue to source demonstrations from the community to share new ideas and spread around helpful use cases.

What to Expect

Sharing best practices is a great way to collaborate and avoid known difficulties. By sharing across an industry users can disseminate and discuss initiatives to improve organizational effectiveness and service delivery. As well, these banks may hear about a process or product they were unaware of previously which could be a big help to their organization. Listening to the way others are implementing change and their successes can often be the catalyst to moving your organization forward. For those in the Community Banking industry looking to share best practices, please submit a request to join the user group here.

The rapidly evolving trends in payment technology and mobile banking create both challenges and opportunities for community banks. The future of Community Banking is bright as these banks continue to grow their technologies and collaborate to further the personalized service they provide to their customers. The Community Banking User group will meet next in January to discuss the Spring Release as well as showcase a demo of the new features. 

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