Spring 19 - Top Ideas on the IdeaExchange
Spring 19 - Top Ideas on the IdeaExchange

Spring 19 - Top Ideas on the IdeaExchange

02/18/2019 by Ryan Owens
With Spring 19 behind us, what’s up next to deliver on the IdeaExchange?

The Spring 19 Release proved to be a great one, delivering on some very nice features. But with that said, there’s always room for improvement and we can now turn our eyes to the IdeaExchange to push for Salesforce to implement the features that we feel affect us the most. The IdeaExchange community continues to propose some great ideas. Let’s review some of my top ideas up for voting:

Allow Access to the Recycle Bin in Lightning

This is an idea that was mentioned in a similar blog post last year. Salesforce will begin starting to automatically turn on Lightning for organizations in the back half of 2019. With that in mind, why is this feature not readily available? Users should not be forced to switch back to Classic for a basic feature such as this.

Allow More Than 4 Fields on Related Lists

This is another simple idea that has been mentioned in previous blog posts and would make a lot of organizations very, very happy. In a lot of cases, it is hard to pin down key related list data into 4 primary fields. Having the ability to choose as many as needed would drive adoption and productivity in a lot of orgs.

Allow Delivering of Scheduled Reports to 'Other' Email Addresses

This is a feature that I’ve heard requested on several occasions. Some people at organizations will never be interacting with data in Salesforce, but will need to receive scheduled reports and dashboards. The current workaround involves users scheduling it for themselves, then manually forwarding it to those people. Enabling these users to schedule reports to email addresses who are non-users would cut out this middle step and make for some happy organizations.

Merge Any Object

This is unfortunate, but duplicate records are not present in only Accounts and Contacts. It would be ideal for Salesforce to implement a feature that enables users to merge duplicate records across any object within Salesforce, regardless of whether it is standard or custom.

Enable the Sort Button for Opportunity Product in Lightning

This is a small enhancement that could have a major impact for organizations. A lot of teams utilize the sorting of Opportunity Products frequently in order to render them properly inside of a document generated via a third party tool. The need to switch to Classic in order to do this is not productive and frankly, at this point in Lightning’s evolution, should not be at all necessary.

What do you think of these ideas? What else do you think should be added on or improved upon? Share your ideas or thoughts with me in the comments below, in the Salesforce Trailblazer Community, or to me directly via Twitter at @RyanOwensRPO.