Cloud Computing Predictions for 2019
Cloud Computing Predictions for 2019

Cloud Computing Predictions for 2019

01/24/2019 by Jason M. Atwood (he/him)
Another year, another set of crazy predictions about what will happen in the Cloud (and Salesforce) space for 2019.

Last year I hit on a few good ones like predicting Bitcoin would nose dive below five thousand dollars (was at $15k, now at under $4k), Apple wouldn’t release an “11” version, and we would get fully self driving cars from Tesla - ok, I get half credit for that. Time to stay in my lane.

Like last year, I will continue with my confidence points that make all of this just so much fun (and Justin happy).

Cable is Dead Dude

The cord-cutting community might think this one is so 2015, but Cable has been going strong for years. The end of Cable is pretty clear though, with 5G rolling out to cities across the country and SpaceX getting into the low-orbit satellite internet business. My prediction is by the end of the year some major news outlets will be declaring the death of all things Cable, with at least one big merger of cable and cell phones.

Confidence: 9

myTrailhead Gets Stuck

Remember myTrailhead? Remember that product that was demoed over two years ago? A big splash announcement, with lots of hype, but still not a product we can buy or use. The bold prediction is that myTralhead won’t go GA until 2020. Better late than never? If I were placing a side bet, I’d say there is a 10% chance it never becomes a product, at least not in its current form.

Confidence: 8

Apple Buys Netflix

While the rumors are swirling around that Apple is trying to build a content warchest, Netflix just keeps pumping out the hits. Apple is also in the middle of shifting between riding the iPhone cash cow wave to bolstering their service offerings. What better way to spend all that cash than on the king of content? They have the cash, but do they dare?

Confidence: 5

Everyone Goes Electric

I have been following Tesla and the Electric Vehicle (EV) industry pretty closely over the last year, and there seems to be a tale of two sides. On one side there are the old ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) manufacturers, who have been betting against EV for awhile. On the other side are the new startups like Tesla and NIO, who are starting from scratch, going all electric from the start. My prediction is that every car manufacturer will go all-in on EV this year, announcing aggressive plans, models and phase out of all ICE vehicles. It will be tough for them, but at this point they have no choice. Adapt or die.

Confidence: 4

Do you have some predictions for 2019? Hit me up @JasonMAtwood or in the Salesforce Trailblazer Community.