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Expo Apps That Stood Out Expo Apps That Stood Out
by Sylvia Cabral — last modified Dec 23, 2013 09:11 AM

The Dreamforce 13 Expos were no doubt packed with a ton of great apps and products to compliment the features that Salesforce already has to offer. But there were a few that definitely stood out with their energetic staff, visual presentations and exciting demos of their apps that would be great to highlight.

Ideas on Salesforce.com Lead Conversion Ideas on Salesforce.com Lead Conversion
by Justin Edelstein — last modified Jun 14, 2013 07:10 AM

As a big fan of the True to the Core movement I have been thinking about a core function to Sales Force Automation (remember that phrase?) that hasn’t been touched in a while - Lead Conversion. Here are some Ideas on Lead conversion that would make all the sense in the world to incorporate into Salesforce.com’s Sales Cloud.

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